Examples from Carleton’s Classrooms

Experiential Learning at the Carleton University Art Gallery!

The Carleton University Art Gallery offers experiential learning opportunities to students across disciplines. Skills that can be fostered through visits to the gallery include visual analysis, problem solving, and critical thinking. The art gallery holds new exhibitions each term that are often directed at ongoing societal issues, which may be smoothly integrated into various course contents. If the exhibitions are not relevant to specific courses, the gallery also houses over 30,000 pieces, which can be integrated into other experiential learning opportunities.

The staff at the art gallery are interested in collaborations with faculty and instructors to build bridges between artwork and a variety of academic disciplines. For example, visual literacy (active examination of works of art) skills may be transferable to disciplines that require in-depth observations, inquiry and critical analysis skills!

Photo by Ming Tiampo (2016)

Photo by Justin Wonnacott (2017)

For more information on the Carleton University Art Gallery please visit: http://www.cuag.ca/index.php/about/vision/