Tips for using Arts-based learning in an effective way

  • Learners should be assured that they should not be concerned with their creative abilities when engaging in art-based learning experiences. Learners and instructor should not fixate on artistic perfection but on the creative expression and the learning process.
  • Arts-based learning activities should take place when the energy levels are high among learners (first thing in the morning, or after a break). Expressing thoughts, feelings and perspectives through arts can be an emotionally charging experience and at times strenuous and physically taxing. Learners should be rested when they embark in such an engagement.
  • Provide necessary time for learners to process the whole experience and the emotions evoked, as well as provide them with the necessary assistance or guidance throughout theĀ  whole experience.
  • It is recommended that a follow-up session should be scheduled three to six months after the arts-based experience for learners to be provided with the opportunity to elaborate on how they were able to apply the learning acquired in a different context, share perspectives and discuss challenges.