Kanina Holmes – School of Journalism and Communication

Stories North: Stories of Reconciliation was a fourth‐year, special topics course in journalism that was offered during the summer of 2017.

The following is a summary of experiential learning activities:

  1. Active lectures: As an alternative to class‐based, instructor-led lectures, students will venture out into the field, hiking, mountain biking and possibly even canoeing alongside a Yukon biologist, Indigenous youth and First Nations elders. These experiential discussions are, in part, an attempt to acknowledge the profound influence of the terrain on territorial history, culture and politics. The landscape will provide an ever-present reference point for local experts to refer to when sharing their knowledge and stories. By getting students physically out of the classroom and engaged in issues in unconventional ways, another goal of these field classes is to encourage digital detox, prying students away from their phones and laptops.
  2. Alternative Canada 150: During their first weekend in Whitehorse, students will disperse around the city and its Canada Day celebrations to interview and photograph residents, asking what Canada looks like to them on its sesquicentennial and what our country’s 150th “birthday” means to them as Northerners. The approach will resemble that taken by Humans of New York. The photos and stories will be presented and shared on Instagram.

Ottawa Citizen news article: Tales from the North: New Carleton course in Yukon ‘an experiment in experiential education’