Role-Playing Scenarios in undergraduate courses in Geoscience are discussed on this website. For example in The Sleeping Mountain role-playing scenario, students take on the roles of residents of a town.

Computer and engineering students participate in a role-playing collaborative engagement taking up the roles of manager, designer, and user design specialists. This is 2.5 years project that had students from various research institutions and departments working collaboratively, such as the Helsinki University of Technology and Department of Media Technology, University of Art and Design Helsinki and Media Lab, Tampere Technical University and Laboratory of Virtual Design, as well as other stakeholders from the heavy industry, film and science education. Two comic books were produced bringing into action various design ideas which are incorporated into a list of ideas on 3D user interface design.

In discussing Psychology Applied Learning Scenarios (PALS), Norton describes role-playing engagements of students in the field of Education. For example, as part of a graduate course on teaching and learning, students were assigned the roles of consultants invited to address a staff issue at a school providing advice and recommendations to the faculty.

Role play exercises can be used at the Assessment Centres providing the opportunity to employees to assess their performance in issues such as ‘internal negotiating’, ‘angry customers’, ‘consulting with a client’, ‘difficult/vulnerable patient’, and ‘sales’ (Career Development Service, University of Leicester).

In the paper Assessing the impact of role play simulations on learning in Canadian and US classrooms, the authors discuss role-play engagements of students as they explore climate change negotiations in four courses at one university in Canada and another one in United States as well analyze the effectiveness of such simulation activities.

Various sample role plays and written exams in Business Management, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism, Marketing , Accounting, Human Resources Management, Hotel and Lodging Management, Retail, Restaurant and Food Service Management are developed by Novi Deca:

Role play activities were used with Pharmacy students in Canada and Quatar as an effective method for them to acquire cultural competency skills.

Engaging students in interactive activities through exercises and simulations: