FACTS_logoTRY What is FACTS?

Are you looking for training or guidance in the areas of financial administration, financial systems, or day-to-day business activities?  This site gathers together many of the things you may need to know as someone who deals with the finances of your unit or project, whether you are an Administrator, Dean, Director or Chair!  Register in one of our workshops, teach yourself with an e-Learning module or explore the site for useful information in the Glossary.

How did FACTS begin?

FACTS was born out of a working group formed by Financial Services in Fall of 2012.  The main goal of the group was to review the training methods and services already provided by Financial Services, assess the needs of the community obtained through focus groups and cumulative feedback, and develop a new strategy for a sustainable, long term training program for the Carleton community.

Working Group Members

Laura Landriault, Financial Services
Nataliia Chernenko, Financial Systems
Valerie Evans, Business Operations
Nada Haralovich, Research Accounting
Douglas Saunders, Financial Systems
Angela Marcotte, Controller’s Office
Tina Dewar, Controller’s Office
J. P. Gaceta, Purchasing Services
Seamas Matchett, Accounts Payable
Tony Lackey, Risk Management
Tim Sullivan, Assistant Vice-President (Financial Services)