1. Event Icons
  2. Large Event (>100)
  3. Loud Event
  4. Food
  5. Elevators and Stairs
  6. Quiet Space
  7. Transportation and Uneven Terrain
  8. Wheelchair Accessible
  9. Water
  10. Bright Lights
  11. Dry Programming
  12. All Inclusive Washrooms  
  13. Prayer Rooms 

Carleton University’s Fall Orientation program is committed to providing accessible and inclusive programming for any and all students attending. Please see below for an in-depth description of each accessibility icon as found in the Fall Orientation 2019 schedule.

If you have any questions about Fall Orientation’s accessibility or inclusivity, please email Chiara at chiara.webb@carleton.ca or call 613-520-2600 ext. 7595.

Event Icons

Large Event (>100)

These events can be expected to have upwards of 100 people including Fall Orientation volunteers, first year participants and various staff from Carleton University services. All large events comply with the Risk Management limitations for safe capacities of people in each space being used.

Loud Event

This event includes sound systems that may include music, microphone usage, and speakers with loud projection.


Food will be provided at this event. Fall Orientation is able to accommodate any and all dietary restrictions including vegetarian, vegan, halal, gluten free and dairy free. Please advise a facilitator or staff member to explore what dietary options can be provided to meet your needs.

Elevators and Stairs

These events have stairs and elevators to all locations. Our staff and volunteers are happy to assist you in finding the nearest stairs or elevators

Quiet Space

There is a quiet room near by that participants can go to at any time during the event as needed.

Transportation and Uneven Terrain

These events have terrain such as grass, gravel, turf and/or others. Our staff and volunteers can assist students navigating the event space.

Wheelchair Accessible

Carleton’s campus is wheelchair accessible. Our volunteers are happy to assist any students with accessibility needs navigating to different events, using the tunnel system and elevators, or other assistance needs. An accessible shuttle will be available on Monday during Canal Games outside of the University Centre bookstore. Shuttles will be available to and from the activities until 5:00pm.


These events will include activities or events with water.

Bright Lights

These events may have bright lighting such a stage lights, flashing lights or others.

Dry Programming

All of Carleton University’s Fall Orientation programs are dry, which means no alcohol will be served or tolerated at any time. Students participating in the program as well as volunteers are expected to abide by a zero tolerance policy for drinking during the week.

All Inclusive Washrooms  

Listed below are locations of all-inclusive washrooms on campus.

  • Architecture Building 106, 305
  • Athletics 2325, 2326
  • Dunton Tower 110, 529, 649
  • Herzberg Laboratories 2403, 2411
  • Ice House 2402
  • Loeb Building 261B, 306B, 461B, 561B, 661B, 761B, 861B, 933B
  • Life Science Research Building 336, 338
  • Mackenzie Building 3281, 5195, 5195A
  • MacOdrum Library 252B
  • Minto CASE Building 1020, 1022
  • Paterson Hall 518A, 518B
  • Steacie Building 145B
  • University Centre 135C, 426C, 426D, 529

Prayer Rooms 

The Muslim prayer room is open everyday at all hours in 225A University Centre. This is a place where students can go to offer their prayers in a clean and safe environment. Ablution (wudhu) facilities are also available for both brothers and sisters beside the prayer room.