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Exhibitors List 2019

Below is an updated list of the Exhibitors that will be attending Carleton Expo on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019. Check out the list to find out which booths you want to visit during the event.


Arthur Kroeger College Educational Students’ Society (AKCESS)

AKCESS is the students’ society for those enrolled in the B.PAPM program. We organize events and opportunities for PAPM students to bring the community closer together. Highlights include our “First Year Meet and Greet”, essay editing sessions, karaoke nights, coffeehouses and PAPM Formal.

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Artificial intelligence society

Host workshops and meetups for students passionate about Artificial Intelligence.


Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa

The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa (BGCO) provides a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life.

After-school and weekend hours are a critical time for youth. That time can represent either an opportunity to learn and grow through quality after-school programs, or be a time of risk to youth’s health and safety. These programs keep kids safe, improve academic achievement and help relieve the stresses on today’s working families. They can serve as important intervention strategies for youth.

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Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Healthcare, Carleton Chapter

The Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Healthcare (CUCOH) is the largest student-run healthcare conference of its kind in Canada. This conference is a great opportunity for students to gain exposure to a wide variety of careers in the healthcare industry. This year’s conference is November 8-10th at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and the theme is Preventative Medicine.

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Carleton Academic Student Government

The Carleton Academic Student Government is a student government that is run in conjunction with the Carleton Senate. CASG facilitates the representation of undergraduate students on departmental and faculty boards allowing students to be able to be involved in the process of making decisions that affect their education. Additionally CASG also provides funding for academic events and scholarships on an annual basis.

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Carleton Art History Undergraduate Society

We are a group for undergraduate students with a common interest (and/or major) in art and architectural history. We attend, promote and create various events in the Carleton Community intended for undergraduate students. This club is a great way to get involved and meet people!

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Carleton Chemistry and Biochemistry Society

A Carleton University Society that focuses on on bringing the chemistry and biochemistry department together at held events. Our Liquid Dynamics Labs are especially well known in the science department as an event to enjoy a cheap lunch and meet some science profs and fellow science students. Everyone is friendly and happy to give advice if needed!


Carleton Cognitive Science Association

A community for students interested in cognitive science to connect, socialize, and learn. Popular events include lab tours (e.g. the Advanced Cognitive Engineering Lab), board game/social nights, and prof dinners, where a group of students get the opportunity to chat with a cognitive science profs about research, interesting concepts, and much more!

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Carleton Computer Science Society

The Carleton Computer Science Society (CCSS) is an academic society that aims to create academic, social, and industry-related resources and events for computer science students.

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Carleton Geology Society

The Carleton University’s Geology Society aims to unify the students within the Earth Sciences program at Carleton university through social, networking and academic events and workshops.


Carleton Golden Key

Golden Key is an international collegiate honour society that recognizes scholastic achievement across all academic disciplines. The top 15 per cent of each program in undergraduate studies (based on cumulative GPA) are invited to become members. Golden Key’s mission is to enable members to realize their potential through the advancement of academics, leadership and service. Non-members can also participate in open Golden Key events.

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Carleton International Relations Society

The Carleton International Relations Society (CIRS) is a non-partisan, student-run academic society focused on creating an engaging environment where students from all faculties and disciplines can come together to express their passion for international relations. This is accomplished by hosting various events, from political discussion nights to embassy/high commission visits, and a whole lot more! Our goal is not only to educate and expose our members to new and provocative issues within the domain of international affairs, but to also encourage leadership, participation, and success through connections.

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Carleton Law and Legal Studies Society

The Carleton Law and Legal Studies Society (CLLSS) provides an opportunity for students interested in pursuing law beyond their current studies to interact with other like-minded peers in events and activities related to the study of Canadian law. From facilitating the Carleton Moot Team to organizing law school tours, the Carleton Law and Legal Studies Society is a must-join for all inspired by the law.

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Carleton Moot Team

The Carleton Moot Team is Carleton University’s undergraduate team for “mooting,” a mock-trial competition similar to that which is commonly practiced at law schools across the country. We compete in numerous provincial and national mooting tournaments throughout the year, both at Carleton and across the province. But above all else, we provide a friendly, supportive and competitive environment for anyone interested in debate, public speaking or a future career in law.

If you’re interested joining, or just curious to see what moot is all about, send us an email or follow us on social media. No prior experience is needed, and we’re always happy to bring on new members!

Carleton Moot is a proud partner of the Carleton Law and Legal Studies Society (CLLSS).


Carleton Neuroscience Society

The CNS is a society that helps students get more involved in their neuroscience program. Through our many events we try to engage the professors of our department to make it easier for students to get to know them. Since so many of the execs of the CNS are upper year students it is also a great way to learn about the program in general! The CNS also helps to provide insight into what careers are possible with a neuroscience degree, we organize fun social events, and we choose a fundraiser each year to raise money for.

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Carleton Political Science Society

The Carleton Political Science Society (CPSS) has made its mission to provide a social environment for politically inclined students and faculty. Holding social events, debates, and panel discussions, CPSS aims to involve all political science students in the after hours academic life at Carleton University.

Our mandate is to arrange social and academic activities in order to instill a sense of belonging within the department and the larger university community. Members can benefit through numerous opportunities which will complement both academic and social life at Carleton University.

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Carleton Quizbowl association

A Trivia Club that competes in Canadian Quizbowl.


Carleton Science Student Society

The Carleton Science Student Society is an academic society representing all students within the faculty of science to the University and the Ontario Science Student Association (OSSA). We have representatives from each program in Science and offer programming for students to foster a sense of community among the students in the faculty of science. We offer free rental services for students who need lab coats/goggles, and plan on working closely with the Dean’s Office to expand our services to include calculators, laptop chargers and free on-demand printing.

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Carleton Undergraduate Economics Society

CUES runs a series of academic and social events pertaining to economics throughout the academic calendar year. CUES also provides students with opportunities to further engage with the Ottawa Economics community.

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Carleton University Biomedical Engineering Society

Carleton University Biomedical Engineering Society (CUBES) represents the undergraduate students enrolled in biomedical & mechanical and biomedical & electrical engineering. We host events to help first and second year students with their classes or with acclimating to the program, and events to help students of all years learn about what the field of biomedical engineering has to offer. These include professor conferences, tours of hospitals and research centres, and social events.


Carleton University Classics Society

The Carleton University Classics Society is one that brings together all who are interested in the ancient world through a mixture of social and academic events and activities.


Carleton University FIRST Robotics Alumni & Mentoring Association (CU FIRST)

CU FIRST aims to promote and expand FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and their robotics-based educational programs for children both on-campus and across the National Capital Region.
CU FIRST provides resources and assistance to University and College students that previously participated in a FIRST program, helping them make the transition to become Coaches, Mentors, and Volunteers. We also maintain close relationships with teams and event planning committees across Eastern Ontario to provide support and ensure continued growth in the region.

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Carleton University Geography and Environmental Studies Student Association (CUGESA)

CUGESA is all about meeting other students within the Geography, Geomatics, and Environmental Studies department. We plan various events throughout the year, both on and off campus, and everyone is welcome! Our events focus on meeting people, networking, and educational opportunities. It’s free to join, but some events do cost money.

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Carleton University Journalism Society (JSOC)

We are here to represent the students of Carleton’s journalism school and to run academic and social events for their benefit.
Some highlights of the year include CBC Tours, Mentorship Night, Program-Wide Dodgeball, and J-Gala.

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Carleton University Physics Society

The Carleton University Physics Society (CUPS) is an academic society affiliated with the Department of Physics that serves as a social network and educational tool for all physics lovers. We host many events throughout the year, such as Pizza and a Prof (a monthly lecture series), Pub Nights, Trivia Nights, and more! For updates about our events, check out our social media. We post about our events frequently on our social media.

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Carleton University Women in Science and Engineering

WISE is a support network and community of women in the fields of science and engineering. Learn about amazing opportunities and make friends with passionate women in STEM! We participate in outreach, mentorship, study session, and conferences as well as events to relax and get to know your peers that have similar interests.

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Carleton Women Interested in Medicine and Health (CWIMH)

Carleton Women (Interested) in Medicine and Health (CWIMH) was founded in 2017 to support and provide resources to Carleton’s community of intelligent, driven female students pursuing careers in the diverse fields of medicine, health sciences, and healthcare. While running activities, events, and fundraisers, we also aim to raise awareness about issues related to women’s health and the barriers facing women in STEM fields.

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Carleton’s Chapter – Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers

Carleton University’s CITE Student Chapter comprises undergraduate and graduate civil engineering students interested in the transportation engineering profession. The student chapter works to build positive relationships between private industry partners and the local parent organization, the National Capital Region. By connecting students with transportation professionals, the chapter is able to build a positive working relationship that can develop into future prospects. The main focus of the chapter for the upcoming academic year is to organize different events to increase membership of the student chapter as well as to bring like-minded students interested in transportation engineering together to present opportunities that await them in the future.


Communications Undergraduate Student Society (CUSS)

The Communication Undergraduate Student Society (CUSS) is an organization run by and for Communication and Media Studies students. CUSS fosters a sense of community and provides opportunities for students to build professional and personal relationships with their peers, instructors and prospective employers.

The society runs fundraising initiatives, field trips and professional activities throughout the academic year, as well as social events and an annual Winter Gala. CUSS’s mentorship program encourages professional, academic and personal success by pairing 1st and 2nd year students with a mentor throughout the academic year at Carleton University.

Students can get involved by attending one of the society’s events, writing a guest post for the CUSS blog, or by joining the Executive – first-year representatives are selected every September. Visit their website, cussconnection.com, for more information, or find them on social media.

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Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Carleton Chapter is an academic undergraduate society that aims to provide services for Civil, Environmental and Architectural Conservation and Sustainabilty Engineering students, although all students are welcome. Membership to this society allows access to a textbook library, free printing, previous course information, study space and more. It also allows networking with other students to learn about your courses and what’s instore throughout your degree.

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CU InSpace

Our team designs and launches rockets at the Spaceport America Cup. We will have our rocket that we launched at the 2019 competition on display at the expo.


Blackbird UAV

We are a group of passionate and motivated students at Carleton University who design, manufacture, and operate an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to compete in the annual national student competition hosted by Unmanned Systems Canada (USC).

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Discovery Centre

Located in the 4th floor of MacOdrum Library, the Discovery Centre is a space where undergraduate students could immerse themselves in collaborative and interactive learning and studying. It is a place for students where ideas are shared, art and design objects are displayed, and various events are hosted.
We also provide undergraduate research opportunities through our I-CUREUS program.


Environmental Science Student Association (ESSA)

The Environmental Science Student Association (ESSA) is an academic society that brings together like-minded students from the Institute of Environmental Science to engage peers in academic and social activities. ESSA has organized many film nights, campus clean-ups, fundraisers for several environmental organizations, social events, and many other projects initiated through students’ ideas.


Food Science Student Society

We are the student society for the food science students of Carleton! Join us for fun food science activities such as a welcome barbeque, career night, board game nights and more!

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Health Science Society

The Carleton Health Science Society (HSS) is a student society which seeks to represent, support and advocate for students within the Health Science department while fostering the development of connections between students. Our mission is to provide students within the department the best possible university experience, but offering experiences to further our education, social network, interact with fellow students and most of all, have fun!

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History Undergraduate Society (HUgS)

The History Undergraduate Society (HUgS) is a social group for those who are enthusiastic about history and want to talk and mingle with other like-minded history buffs. Regular “HUgS and Tea” events for laid back evenings allow you the opportunity to discuss your essays and class work and your historical interests in general with our HUgS executives, professors, and fellow history fanatics. Get involved with YOUR History department and find your place at Carleton. For majors/minors or those who just love history.


Institute of African Studies Students Association

The IASSA is an intellectual space for young Africans to actively contribute to the ongoing conversation about Africa and its diaspora. It is a community for anyone who wishes to learn about all things related to Africa. We host the yearly Institute of African Studies Undergraduate Research Conference where undergraduate students present their research and have an opportunity to network among other social events.

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JDCC Sprott

Business competition team competing against other universities in Eastern Canada and Ontario in academic cases, parliamentary style debates, sports and social competitions.

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Kaggle Team Competitions

Kaggle is an online community of data scientists and machine learners, owned by Google, Inc. Kaggle allows users to find and publish data sets, explore and build models in a web-based data-science environment, work with other data scientists and machine learning engineers, and enter competitions to solve data science challenges. Many Kaggle competitions give prizes to winners.

This group would be a great opportunity to; bulld a data science portfolio which would help with employability, brainstorm ideas for competitions, try to reach the top of the leaderboards and win prizes together, learn more data science techniques and work cooperatively, and have fun!


Kaplan Test Prep

I am a 4th year student at Carleton as well as a Student Brand Ambassador for Kaplan Test Prep. I have partnerships with multiple clubs on campus such as the Law Society. We help their students, and any students interested, with preparing for exams like the LSAT and MCAT. We are kicking off our campaign for the fall semester soon and will have lots of free resources and information available for students!



The Faculty of Public Affairs (FPA) is home to a many academic units (from Criminology to Journalism to Social Work) that all work to build better societies. We will be talking about numerous upcoming events, our student volunteer program, and celebrating our international experiences!

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Psychology Society of Carleton University

A group for individuals interested in the realm of Psychology. Whether you are looking to socialize, learn about the latest research, or just come out and have some fun, the Psychology Society is a safe place for anyone and everyone interested in the human mind. We host a multitude of events throughout the year ranging from educational seminars to game nights. We also offer many resources to help students get involved and engaged with the campus and community.

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Ravens Racing

We are a team of volunteers and 4th-year project engineering students who cooperate to build a racecar from scratch every year. We design and manufacture large portions of the car in-house, meaning students get hands-on experience with tools like CAD, as well as machine time.

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Sprott Accounting Students’ Association

We are the organization representing undergraduate Accounting students at the Sprott School of Business. We host networking events and workshops to help students develop their professional and academic skill sets.

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Sprott Finance Students’ Association

Our primary goal is to provide Sprott students with opportunities to expand their professional networks through networking events while providing them with opportunities to apply their knowledge of finance in the real world with finance competitions and conferences.

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Sprott Information Systems Students’ Association

The Sprott Information Systems Students’ Association strives to provide networking and learning opportunities for Information Systems Students in Commerce, General Commerce Students, and the greater Carleton Community. Our Association strives to bring in unique workshops, intense networking opportunities, and a unique social setting to those interested in what the IS Concentration is all about at the Sprott School of Business!


Sprott International Business Association

The Sprott International Business Association (SIBA) is the student organization at the Sprott School of Business for Bachelor of International Business (BIB) and Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) concentrating in International Business. Our aim is to add value to the International Business (IB) programs, by supporting Sprott students and strengthening the global IB community. We run a variety of events and initiatives to support the needs of IB students at the school. From career and academic support to social events, and all with the goal of IB students to improve their academic, career, and networking skills.

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Sprott Student Management Association

Our mission is to promote management and leadership as a discipline and to help shape the managers of the future.

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Sprott Supply Chain Management Association (SSCMA)

The Sprott Supply Chain Management Association provides an opportunity for all students with an interest in Supply Chain Management to get involved through academic, social, and networking opportunities. We hold events geared towards helping students explore the Supply Chain Management industry, build solid friendships with peers, and most importantly make the most out of their university experience.


Systems and Computer Engineering Society

The Carleton Systems and Computer Engineering Society (SCESoc) is a society for the students of the Systems and Computer Engineering Department, which includes Biomedical and Electrical, Communications, Computer Systems, and Software Engineering. We hold a large variety of events, such as professional and technical skill development workshops, social gatherings, and networking opportunities. Re-established in 2014, we strive to ensure the best university experience possible for our members, while also helping them grow closer to the community!

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United Nations Society

We travel across North America to delegate and debate, earning us our ranking as one of Canada’s top competitive teams.

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AIESEC Carleton

AIESEC is a global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. We are a non-political, independent, not-for-profit organisation run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management.


Carleton Campus Conservatives

We are the Conservative campus club. We support and assist the CPC and the Ontario PC Party by helping promote basic Conservative principles! Get involved with us today!


Carleton University Global Brigades

Our group volunteers at a medical and dental clinic in either a rural area or Nicaragua or Honduras for 7-9 days every year at the end of August. Students from any program are welcome and no prior knowledge or training is required.

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Carleton University New Democrats

The Carleton New Democrats is a group constituted in an effort to further the cause of the New Democratic Party—both federally and provincially—by bringing its ideals and policies to students at Carleton University. The Carleton New Democrats’ dynamic membership represents various “progressive left” ideologies, and this diversity is united under the common belief that the New Democratic Party presents the best option for government in Canada and Ontario.


Carleton University Relay for Life Committee

Carleton University Relay for Life is a year-long campaign that encourages the Carleton community to raise awareness and funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. It culminates in an annual event where participants come together and celebrate their philanthropic achievements with food, entertainment, interactive activities, and inspirational speakers. We are one of Canada’s largest post-secondary fundraisers and have raised over $1,000,000 since 2009.

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CUPE 4600

Labour union representing Teaching Assistants and Contract Instructors at Carleton.

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CU Voice of Women for Peace

CU Voice of Women for Peace (VOW) is our chapter of the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW), a Canadian NGO advocating for a feminist vision of peace. We work towards our goals of peace and disarmament through education, advocacy, and amplifying women’s voices. We’re a brand new club so make sure to come check us out at club expo!

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Engineers Without Borders Carleton

Engineers without borders is a non for profit organization that aims to eradicate poverty through systemic change. Through our fundraising, advocacy, Junior Fellowship and outreach work we aim to change perspectives on foreign aid and hope it should be implemented.


Fair Trade Carleton University

Fair Trade Carleton is a student volunteer group on campus with the goal of raising awareness among staff and students of the fair trade movement. Our members are passionate about human rights, ethical consumption, and environmental issues and we are always looking for like-minded individuals to get involved. We run a variety of exciting events and campaigns through out the year including bake sales, coffee houses, wine and cheese, etc. Be sure to come find us at club expo for more info on the movement and how you can get involved!

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Independent Jewish Voices Carleton

IJV is a human rights group of Jewish students and community members who stand in solidarity with Palestine. Along with its focus on social justice and activism, IJV CU/ uOttawa hosts alternative Jewish cultural events for students on campus.



Insight@CU is a student run club that is focused on providing current undergraduate students opportunities to discuss and engage with the field of international development on campus/in Ottawa. It aims to increase contextual knowledge and understanding of students interested in addressing global challenges by connecting members with change-makers and thinkers in different parts of the world to learn from and share ideas. It also works to provide students an opportunity to gain academic and relevant work-related experience through local opportunities and collaborations.

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Jack.org Carleton Chapter

We support student mental health by organizing events that promote wellbeing, while breaking down stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness.

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OPIRG Carleton

OPIRG Carleton (Ontario Public Interest Research Group) is a student-led, student-funded non-profit based at Carleton University. We aim to research, educate and provide action on social and environmental justice using a non-hierarchical and consensus based space for students to organize.

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OurTurn Carleton

Sexual violence awareness and prevention group. Provide training to clubs, societies, etc on survivor support, bystander intervention, etc.

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RESULTS Carleton University

RESULTS Carleton University is part of a global movement of passionate citizens, committed to raising our voices for a world without extreme poverty. We combine the voices of our grassroots advocates with strategic advocacy efforts to leverage millions of dollars for programs and improved policies that give the world’s poorest people the health, education, and opportunity they need to thrive.

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Student Energy Carleton

Student Energy Carleton is an interdisciplinary student-run environmental organization working to transition the world to a cleaner, more sustainable future. We provide opportunities for students in any program to access professional development workshops, networking events, and informative conferences. We also hold events with figures like Canada’s Environment Minister and do social events like hikes and barbecues. Through working with Student Energy, you can be a part of a global movement.

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Students For Liberty

Students For Liberty is an international confederation of campus clubs. We advocate through political means for a future with smaller government and more individual freedom.

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The Carleton ALS Initiative (CALSI)

The Carleton ALS Initiative (CALSI) was founded to offer both Carleton students as well as the general public a platform within which they are able to play a role in improving the lives of people affected by ALS through support, advocacy and investment in research.

In so doing, CALSI is set to partner with various ALS support groups across the nation, spearhead the establishment of effective awareness campaigns, foster community engagement, and fundraise for a future without ALS.

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The Leveller

The Leveller is a publication covering news, current events, and culture at Carleton University, the Ottawa/Gatineau region and, and, to a lesser extent, the wider world. It was initiated at Carleton University in 2008-2009 and publishes monthly during the Fall and Winter semesters.

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UNICEF Carleton

UNICEF Carleton is a club that collaborates with and empowers students to make a difference in their community and worldwide by advocating and fundraising for a child’s right to be a child.

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Voices Against Violence

Voices against Violence (formerly Vaginas Against Violence) is aimed at raising awareness of gender based violence as well as raising support for survivors. We host multiple fundraising events but our most popular is a performance of the Vagina Monologues, which we preform each year. All proceeds from events go towards the Ottawa Rape Crisis centre.

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WE Carleton

WE Carleton is the Carleton chapter of the WE Charity. Our goal is to support WE Charity by spreading awareness and empowering people to create sustainable change. We have weekly meeting, host small events, and end a year with a gala!

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WUSC Carleton

We sponsor refugee students to receive a post-secondary education at Carleton in addition to permanent residency in Canada. Our committee supports students in their transition to Canadian life by helping them find housing, jobs, courses, etc. and acting as a support during their integration.

We also work to raise awareness on refugee issues on campus and plan fundraisers to help support the SRP. Finally, we also focus on international development issues as part of WUSC’s Uniterra OneWorld campaign, such as ethical consumption, women & youth empowerment, economic empowerment, etc.

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* Affiliated with the Carleton Atheltics Department

Ananda Marga Yoga And Meditation Club

This is a Meditation and Yoga club on campus.


Bird Gang *

Bird Gang is home to the LOUDEST and PROUDEST fans in the country. Having started in 2017, we are home to over 1000 members and varsity athletes. Memberships are $40 and include access to all home games, $5 off Panda, Capital Hoops, and Colonel By Classic, a free t-shirt and button, and 15% off at Rodney’s House!

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Carleton Climbing Club

At the Carleton Climbing Club we will be taking part in weekly climbs at Ottawa’s local climbing gyms as well as outdoor tips in Ontario’s local natural cliff faces. The Climbing Club seeks to gather people who share the love of climbing as well as introducing the sport to newcomers interested in getting on the wall. We like to encourage literally climbers of all levels to come out and try the sport. From beginner to professional, we guarantee there’s a spot in this club.

Our primary goal is to immerse anybody interested in the world of climbing. We hope to do so by offering club members exclusive deals to Ottawa’s local gyms to make the experience as group-friendly and affordable as possible. Be it through gear rental or tagging along to outdoor climbs with more experienced climbers just to learn.


Carleton Dancelab

Dance Team for people looking to stay active. No audition required. Anyone welcome.


Carleton Dragon Boat Club

This club targets both new and experienced paddlers who are interested both the athleticism and social/team aspects of the sport of dragon boat. Indoor training which will include team workouts will occur during the Fall and Winter semester, in preparation for getting onto the water in May. This training may include on-campus meetings and trips to indoor tank and erg facilities, as decided by the team. We encourage anyone who is interested in keeping in shape in a friendly environment, with the potential to race this summer!

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Carleton Field Hockey

The Carleton University Field Hockey Club provides students with an opportunity to develop leadership skills, make social connections, and live a healthy lifestyle through the sport of field hockey.

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Carleton Ravens Competitive Cheerleading

Our team is a competitive collegiate level cheerleading team that represents Carleton University at local competitions and Canadian Nationals.

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Carleton Ravens Lacrosse *

The Carleton Ravens Men’s Lacrosse Team competes in the Canadian University Field Lacrosse Association (CUFLA). CUFLA is an emerging league and has many opportunities for young players. Playing at Carleton offers our players an opportunity to receive top quality education while playing high level lacrosse. The CUFLA league is unique in the sense that NLL players are allowed to play professional and play university sport together. More and more top quality players, including some NLL players, enter the league each year enhancing the competition.

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Carleton Ravens Quidditch Team

The Carleton Ravens Quidditch Team is a competitive team that plays the sport quidditch that was based off of the books and movies from the Harry Potter series. Just because the sport was based off of a fictional sport does not mean that this is a Harry Potter fan club. You don’t even need to have watched any of the movies or have read any of the books to have fun in this sport. This is a multi-gender sport that is full contact and yes that means that boys tackle girls and girls tackle guys. Quidditch has components from a whole assortment of sports such as rugby, basketball, hockey, and dodgeball. Quidditch also has one of, if not the, best communities in sports. No past sport experience is required but be prepared to do a lot of running, throwing, jumping, driving, and tackling. There is nothing to lose! Try it out! We hold tryouts at the beggining of the year so follow our facebook page for updates.

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Carleton Ringette *

We’re a competitive sports team and a family. We meet for ringette purposes at least twice a week for games and practices and see each other outside of that just to hang out and help each other with school.

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Carleton Submission Grappling Club

The Carleton Submission Grappling Club, provides the opportunity to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through instruction in a safe, effective, and exciting setting. This club is perfect for those looking to learn some practical self-defense, those looking for a fitness based activity, and those interested in combat sports.

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Carleton University Badminton Team *

The Carleton University Badminton Team is for students who are looking to improve their skills and hopefully compete in tournaments. Practices are held a few times weekly with training sessions from our coaches.


Carleton University Bodybuilding & Fitness Society

We are a group of people who are very passionate about bodybuilding and fitness and we are willing to share our passion and knowledge with you.

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Carleton University Firearms Association

The Carleton University Firearms Association (CFA) is a student-operated club established in 2010. The CFA’s mandate is to promote firearms awareness, the shooting sports, and provide new students and guests with an opportunity to experience firearms in a safe environment.

One of the key events that the CFA will host monthly is range day events. At our range day events, participants will get an opportunity to handle various calibres and types of firearms in a supervised environment. Range day events are open to all students, alumni, and guest, regardless if they have a firearms licence. CFA executives and mentors will provide firearms and one-on-one supervision to participants to ensure safe firearms handling. Participants will only need to pay for the range fee and ammunition that they use. In addition, the CFA is recruiting new executives and club members to compete in events hosted by the Canadian University Shooting Federation and other national sport shooting organisations.

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Carleton University Kayak Club

The Carleton University Kayak Club (CUKC) is a recreational kayaking club that allow white water kayakers within Carleton University and the community of Ottawa to connect with each other. The main goal of the club is to provide affordable and accessible kayaking to students of Carleton University. The best part about the club is that it is open to anyone. You may never have kayaked before or have just made your 1000th surf on babyface, CUKC provides a fun way to meet new people and experience kayaking.

Introductions to kayaking will start in the Carleton University pool. Once kayakers have honed their ability in a consequence-free environment, they will be taken to a small set of rapids to get their first taste of white water! Throughout the winter months, CUKC will be hosting pool sessions and various kayaking related events on campus and throughout Ottawa. Once spring and summer comes, there will be organized trips to local rivers and rapids. The club will have numerous coordinated events and trips with other nearby university kayak clubs. Check the events page and home page of cukc.ca to keep up to date on CUKC events. A secondary goal of CUKC is to support white water kayaking in the community; whether this is through support of other organizations or volunteering at events.

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Carleton University Kendo Club *

The Carleton University Kendo Club is a non for profit student-run club supported by Carleton Athletics. We began our club in September 2012, and since then we have been having better tournament results each year!

We compete at intercollegiate and national events supported by the Canadian Kendo Federation.

Any student is eligible to join the Carleton University Kendo Club. We don’t hold tryouts, and the joining dates are the first three weeks of the Fall or Winter semester. Almost all of our members join us without any prior knowledge or experience in Kendo, so please don’t be worried if you are completely new!

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Carleton University Ski and Snowboard Club

We run bus trips to Mont Tremblant every Sunday during the year! In addition, we have multiple weekend trips, we have weekly on campus rail sessions, we have trips to local hills, we have regular diving meetups, we share more high fives than the next club, we host rail competitions, and we throw parties throughout the year! Anyone can join – all levels are welcome!


Carleton University Trap and Skeet Club

The Carleton University Trap and Skeet Club is the place to explore the clay target shotgun sports. The club will host several events throughout the year and is open to all students, regardless of experience, offering one-on-one guidance from experienced members. We offer a safe and friendly environment to students interested in learning about the sports.

The club also includes a competitive skeet team that practices on weekends with a AAA-Champion coach and competes with other schools. This gives students seeking to improve their skills the opportunity to learn, practice, and compete with other students in friendly events.

Please visit us on Facebook for more information or to contact the club.

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Carleton Varsity Fencing Team *

The Varsity Fencing Team competes in the OUA championships each year.

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Carleton Women’s Ultimate Frisbee *

We are the Carleton Women’s competitive Ultimate Frisbee Program, we have 2 seasons, our main season being in the Fall where we attend 3 tournaments. We look to have fun but also maintain a competitive mindset as we head towards our goal of Top 4 at Nationals. There are two teams to compete with, the A team being a competitive team and our B team being a development team. If you are interested in playing the sport or trying it out, please come on out!


Competitive Clubs *

Carleton University Athletics and Recreations Department has 17 recognized Competitive Sports Clubs for the 2019-20 season. Stop by a learn more about the Competitive Sports Clubs program or one of the Competitive Club teams: Artistic Swimming, Badminton, Curling, Dance Pak, Equestrian, Figure Skating, Kendo, Men’s Baseball, Lacrosse, Men’s Rugby, Men’s Ultimate, Women’s Ultimate, Swimming, Track and Field, Cross Country, Women’s Ringette and Women’s Water Polo.


LUG Hockey

Student hockey league for Carleton students that promotes quality hockey with student involvement.

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Men’s Rugby *

Carleton Men’s Rugby is a competitive club looking to give Carleton students an opportunity to play rugby against other universities in Ontario and Quebec.

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Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team *

The Carleton Ravens Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team is Carleton’s competitive club that faces other universities across Ontario and Canada. We sport both a competitive A team as well as a development-focused B team.

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Parks Canada Outdoors Club of Carleton

Whether you’ve never slept in a tent, or you’ve climbed Everest blindfolded, we are your outlet to the great outdoors. We run trips throughout the entire year that are accessible to students of all experience levels. If camping, white water rafting, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, snowshoeing and skiing have ever crossed your mind, then you’re in the right place. Not only do we run trips, but we also provide a community to meet like minded individuals who share your craving for fresh air.

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Ravens Dance Pak *

Ravens Dance Pak is a competitive team that provides its members with an artistic outlet, where they are encouraged to explore their talent, creativity, and passion in a fun and positive environment! Our team works hard during the year to compete in Canada-wide competitions against numerous University dance teams. We achieve this through holding exciting fundraising events, participating in charity performances, attending weekly rehearsals, and producing our annual showcase! If you’re interested in joining our team make sure to visit us at Expo!

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Ravens Figure Skating *

Carleton Ravens Figure Skating is a recognized competitive club within the Department of Athletics & Recreation. Each season we compete in interuniversity and Skate Ontario competitions in freeskate, ice dance and synchronized skating with the culminating event being the OUA Championships.

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Ravens Novice Rowing *

Come join the Ravens Novice Rowing team! No experience is needed. Rowing is a great opportunity to get a good full body workout in and to make new friends that will last a lifetime. Come out and give it a try and see if rowing is for you!

Contact Shane Brockbank at shane.brockbank@gmai.com for more information.

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Ravens Powerlifting

Ravens Powerlifting (RPL) is a competitive club team made up of students who share a passion for strength training. RPL began in 2013, with members competing in the sport of powerlifting which is a contest consisting of three lifts; squat, bench press, and the deadlift. RPL is a club that prioritises education, and fosters an environment that supports members during training and in plateaus.

The Ravens Powerlifting club will be organising a meet on campus (The Capital Classic) and team training sessions in the High Performance Centre. Participation in Ravens Powerlifting will involve team training sessions to share knowledge on the required technique for each of the lifts, advice, and create a supportive training environment. RPL will also be returning to Seneca College to gain back our title of Strongest School in Ontario. Current and former RPL members have gone on to win national championships, world titles, and set records at the provincial, national, and world level. If becoming a member of the Ravens Powerlifting Club is something that seriously interests you, please do not hesitate to reach out!


Ravens Rhythm *

Cheer and Dance team for the Carleton Ravens. Ambassadors for Athletics, we are an active voice at Carleton and in our community.

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Ravens Sports Business Club *

The Ravens Sports Business Club is a great way to gain real world experience in the sports business industry. Some of our portfolios include Game Day Operations, Bird Gang, Ticketing and Group Sales, and Content and Communication.


Ravens Swim Team *

The Carleton Ravens Swim Team is a Competitive Club at Carleton that competes in the OUA (Ontario University Athletics) and U Sport leagues.

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Ravens Synchronized Swimming Club *

We are Carleton’s only synchronized swimming club! We offer both novice (recreational) and competitive programs, as well as optional extra routine (solo, duet or trio) opportunities. Practices are 1-3x per week plus three competitions. You can find us on social media for more info, or email us at ravenssynchro@gmail.com!

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Ravens Track & Field / Cross Country *

The Ravens Cross Country and Track & Field teams are for any athlete looking to enhance their athletic and academic experience. From students who want to take up a new sport, run alongside a team of fellow motivated athletes, or yearn to athletically excel … the Ravens Cross Country and Track & Field Club is the team for you!

The program is professionally managed by the Ottawa Lions Track & Field Club, Canada’s largest and most successful Club program. It relies on a volunteer coaching staff, some of whom have served on national teams, World Championships and other major international competitions.

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Shorinji Kan Jiu Jitsu

Jiujitsu (or jujutsu) is a broad term referring the unarmed combat system used by the Japanese warrior class. Training is based on traditional structure which focuses on effective and relevant self-defense. Approaches to unarmed attacks as well as both modern and traditional weapons, employing a combination of locking, throwing, striking, and grappling are taught. Training includes a mix of one on one practice, pressure testing drills, and realistic threat scenarios. Training methods are intended to develop physical fitness as well as mental resilience, while remaining achievable and safe for everyone. Check out this sample video at http://youtu.be/PIjGStyeMDg. *Registration and attendance for both weekly classes is recommended; it is required if you wish to be eligible to attempt a grading at the end of the semester.

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Womens Water Polo *

Carleton’s Womens Water Polo team for the 2019/2020 season. Competitive club practicing at Carleton and competing in Eastern Ontario.



African Students’ Association of Carleton University

The African Students’ Association of Carleton University (ASACU) is an ethnic-cultural club that strives to celebrate the continent of Africa around campus. Our mission is to provide a network of support for Africans on campus and to put on events that educate anyone who wishes to learn about the various African cultures.


Arab Students League

The Arab Students League’s (ASL) mission is to accentuate an aura of Arabic culture among all students in Ottawa via a non-political & non-religious lens.

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Asian Canadians’ Association of Carleton

Asian Canadians Association Carleton is dedicated towards providing both educational and social activities to establish a community + bring awareness about Asian Canadian experiences. ACAC welcomes students from all backgrounds interested in learning more about Asian Canadian issues and culture. We also host events open to the public from time to time. We have hosted events such as our Annual Lunar New Year Gala, Documentary Screenings and Meet + Greet Socials.

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BLW Carleton Fellowship

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Canadian Association for Students from India

We are a non-profit student organization registered under the Canada-India Centre for Excellence. We help the students from India to cope with culture shock, home sickness. We conduct cultural and community events for the students. We also do networking events and job fairs. We fall under the Office of Vice President (Research International) at Carleton. We are registered under CCR with the name of Canada-India student committee but we go by the name of Canadian Association for students from India.

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Carleton Chabad Student Network

Promote jewish life on campus.


Carleton Multicultural Club

Carleton Multicultural Club engages in activities that enhance the inter-cultural understanding and relationships of students at Carleton University. Members of the Carleton Multicultural Club work together in pursuit of understanding and learning different cultural values, traditions and meaning. Carleton Multicultural club promotes cultural awareness and its attribute of diversity on campus in the community and as a lifelong goal.

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Carleton Musical Theatre Society

The Carleton Musical Theatre Society is dedicated to building a community of musical theatre fans, performers, and enthusiasts on Carleton’s campus. This year, we’ll be producing two full-length musicals as well as hosting movie nights, musical theatre karaoke, and more! If you love show tunes, come see us at Expo to find out how you can get involved!

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Carleton Sri Lankan Student Alliance (CSLSA)

Cultural group


Carleton Troitsky Bridge Building Competition

The Troitsky bridge building competition is an annual engineering event hosted by Concordia University in Montreal in early March. Engineering students create their own laminate wood using only popsicle sticks and white glue, then use this material to design and build a wooden bridge. The bridges are then crushed during the final day of the competition.

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Carleton University Filipino Students’ Association

Carleton University Filipino Students’ Association (CUFSA), strives for Filipino-Canadian representation on campus, alongside the promotion of inclusion and diversity. The club aims to provide initiatives such as networking events, culture nights, and fundraisers for the upcoming year. We are excited to welcome new members for 2019-2020!

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Carleton University Japanese Association

The Carleton University Japanese Association (CUJA) is a social and cultural club for anyone and everyone interested in Japanese culture. CUJA provides a social setting for setting for the curious, the enthusiasts, the Japanese speakers (and non-speakers) to interact and for Japanese natives, a space for Canadian cultural exchange.

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Carleton University Korean and International Society

Carleton University Korean and International Society (CUKIS) is a social club for K-lovers including Korean BBQ, Norae Bang, drama, pop, & kimchi making!
You DON’T have to be Korean to join our club.


Carleton University Nigerian Students Association

Carleton University Nigerian Students Association serves to promote and invest in the beauty of Nigeria and Africa through Education, Knowledge, diversity, inclusivity and creativity.

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Carleton University Tamil Student Union

Carleton University Tamil Student Union targets tamil carleton students who want to be a part of a group that aim to grow, preserve, and respect the Tamil culture. Through the cultural understanding, we aim to not only raise awareness of the Tamil culture but also bring unity between the students and the culture. Our purpose is to raise awareness to Tamil culture among the other cultures that are at Carleton university and provide support and assistance to other Tamil students across the world.

In this group, we intend to create a comfortable platform to discuss important issues that are specific to the Tamil community and relevant to current times in this society. We will cover different social and political topics that has become a prevalent matter for many individuals. Our objective is to create an accepting environment for individuals of the Tamil community and openly touch on topics that should be part of the culture but unfortunately is not accepted by various individuals.

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Confucius Institute



Provide events and gathering for international and exchange students, as well as domestic students looking to go on exchange. This club is a great way to meet people from all over the world!

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Humanitarian Organization of Latin American Students

The Humanitarian Organization of Latin American Students (H.O.L.A.S.) is a non-profit student-run organization based in Ottawa under Carleton University Students Association (CUSA).

Founded in 2007, H.O.L.A.S. has become the largest network of Latin American youth in the capital. We are proud to be a grassroots, non-lucrative organization with a dual mission of cultivating Latin American culture within the local community. Our organization also provides funding for humanitarian development initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean. We raised up to $50,000 for a variety of development projects in South and Central America.

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Seeking to make God’s faithfulness known on campus and through all generations, serving Ottawa, Ontario.


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a welcoming Christian community on campus for Christians and non-Christians alike. We offer weekly Bible studies for those interested in deepening their faith and also for those just curious about who Jesus is. We also host various community hang-out events, ranging from movie nights, board game events, hikes, and much more. Our two weekend retreats during the year, and a week-long camp in the Spring, are often highlights for our members’ year.

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Israel on Campus

Israel on Campus is a group that celebrates Israel’s diverse, innovative and compassionate spirit. We work to promote pro-peace dialogue by holding fun and informative events to showcase Israel’s flourishing democracy that strives for equality, rights, and freedoms for all peoples.


Korean Student Networking Association (KSNA)

We are a social club with a common factor of being part of and/or heavily interested in Korean culture and its community.

OCF Carleton

Connecting Orthodox Christian students on campus and helping them strengthen their spiritual life while studying at University.

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BGInS Students’ Society

The Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) Students’ Society is a student-run, democratic organization that provides numerous events and workshops to enhance the experience of BGInS Students throughout the school year. For example, we have embassy visits, networking events, speaker’s nights, coffee houses, skill building workshops, and pub nights. At the end of the year, we also host a charity gala. Many of our events are multi-disciplinary, so students of all programs are encouraged and welcome to attend.

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Carleton Crypto


Carleton Marketing Association -CMA

CMA is a valuable resource for students interested in the marketing industry by striving to create opportunities for members to build a bridge between the university and the professional world.

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Carleton Signs (CUSA)

CUSA’s Carleton Signs Club! We are a club dedicated to supporting students taking courses in the American Sign Language Department.

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Carleton Tabletop Gaming Club

We provide a group for students to meet up and play various tabletop games. These games include board games, card games, miniature war games and role-playing games.

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Carleton University Glee Club

The Carleton University Glee Club is a performing arts group on campus. We arrange and perform covers of songs from all genres including musicals, pop, rock, r&b, country and more! Each semester we showcase what we have been working on to the Carleton community at our End of Semester Show.

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Carleton University Muslim Students’ Association

Welcome to Carleton University’s Muslims Students’ Association! May peace be with you. We are your resource on campus for all things pertaining to practising your faith and having the services necessary to do so comfortably. Our vision is to empower and inspire students to be a positive force for change, starting with our commitment to our school and expanding to help those around us. Our family is always growing, with our vast and diverse membership making us the biggest club on campus. With the grace and help of God, our hope is to provide an outlet that inspires students to do good works and by extension join our family. In short, we are your Family in Faith.

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Carleton Wrestling Club

The Carleton University Wrestling Club is open to any undergraduate student who is interested in the sport of wrestling. We are a competitive club that trains 3 times a week and goes to competitions on the weekends. The competitive wrestling season will be from October to March of every year and tournaments are on the weekends which typically take place in the GTA.  Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, we welcome anyone who wants to be part of great and inclusive team.


Criminology and Criminal Justice Society

The Criminology and Criminal Justice Society is the student representative of the ICCJ (institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice). As such, our goal is to create a club for those in the criminology and criminal justice program, and those with an interest in Criminology, to experience different aspects through both academic and social events! We do programming such as trivia nights, professional panels, prison tours, comedy nights, and much more! We also have a large fundraising aspect and we’ve donated to many organizations related to criminal justice this year. Membership is $7, and if you attend 5 events (or complete 5 activities that are CCR credited), you are able to add your membership to your Co-Curricular Record.

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CU Smile

CU Smile, a philanthropy club, is a Club for people interested in making the world a better place and our campus a better campus.  The members of Smile must want to make people feel like people and bring joy to the lives of those around them. CU Smile is also a Club in which you can find support in times of need.

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Game Design Carleton

A team that builds medium to large scale games over the course of the year. 3D Modelling, Coding, Music and a bit of Engineering are all part of the package.

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IEEE Carleton Student Branch

IEEE (pronounced Eye-triple-E) is short for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. We are involved in organizing technical workshops, networking events and fun socials for team bonding. We also have our Women in Engineering affinity group, dedicated to promoting women in the various fields of technology.

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Power to Change

P2C is a movement dedicated to helping students discover Jesus and change the world! Join us for prayer, evangelism training, discipleship, and fellowship.

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Roots and Shoots

Founded in 1991 by Dr. Jane Goodall, Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots is a youth service program for young people of all ages. Our mission is to foster respect and compassion for all living things, to promote understanding of all cultures and beliefs, and to inspire each individual to take action to make the world a better place for people, other animals, and the environment. We host events which connect individuals with nature and the community.

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Rotaract Club of Ottawa South

Community service, fundraising, and fellowship form the central focus of our club activities. We also work on building leadership and organizational skills through professional development workshops.

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Our group is about learning how to capitalize on external funding and career opportunities.


Tespa Carleton

We at Tespa Carleton are devoted to fostering a community where gaming is celebrated by people of all ages, recognized as a force for good, and used to connect gamers on campus. We do this by hosting amazing events, putting together competitive esports teams, and creating opportunities for our members to develop skills and connect with industry professionals.

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Trailblazers fellowship

Trailblazers fellowship is a club that is based on faith. We study Gods word, which is the bible, talk about it and learn to use this to impact our lives with love, kindness, and compassion which goes ahead to positively add to the growth and development of the society at large.


Will to Win

Group is focused on entrepreneurship, self reliance and wealth creation. This group aims to connect and network passionate individuals and focus on development of real world skills Sales,Communication confidence,Creative processes,leadership etc

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General Interest

Bible Study

Welcome students who are interested in studying the Bible. Inductive Bible study, Group or One on One, Prayer for healing.

Book Ravens

The Carleton Book Ravens is a student-led book club which will be active during the fall and winter semesters. The club is open to everyone at Carleton, whether you are a complete bookworm or just a casual reader looking for new books to enjoy. If you love any kind of literature and are looking to connect with other students who like to read, please join us for our monthly meetings where we’ll discuss a chosen novel (with snacks, of course)! We plan to also hold outings to literary events happening in the city throughout the school year.

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Campus Rush

Campus Rush is a CUSA club on campus that is a Christian campus club where our members attend service every Thursday where our members learn skills like Photography, Drama, Dancing, Public Speaking etc.


Carleton Crohn’s and Colitis Society

The Carleton Crohn’s and Colitis Society is a network for students living with Crohn’s, Colitis and IBD to come together bi-weekly and discuss their lives with the disease. There will be events with nutritionists, leading IBD doctors and more as a way to share resources and learn more information about these chronic illnesses.


Carleton Improv Association

We provide a welcoming and positive space to practice improv comedy and general performance skills. When we’re not hosting practices we’re either doing shows both on campus and across Ottawa, or participating in Ontario-wide university improv summits!

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Carleton Knitters

Carleton Knitters is a Carleton University club intended to create a relaxing space for crafty folx to enjoy knitting and yarn crafts. Everyone is welcome, at any experience level, for drop-in meetings to knit, talk, enjoy food, and appreciate the craft.

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Carleton Music Ensembles

The Music Department at Carleton offers students an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of ensembles such as Choir, West African Drumming, Singer-Songwriter, Musical Theatre, Jazz Fusion and more. Taught by professional musicians and faculty members, these ensembles primarily serve the Bachelor of Music students at Carleton, however in many cases, students with prior experience and interest in music are welcome and encouraged to participate. This can be a rewarding way to round out your academic studies. Some ensembles require an audition. Weekly rehearsals and end of term performances are required. Please contact us for more information!


Carleton Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club

The pre-veterinary medicine club is dedicated to helping it’s members find their way to Vet School! We host lots of meetings and events that are geared towards building the resume for applications, as well as fun animal-related events!

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Carleton Toastmasters Club

The Carleton Toastmasters Club builds communication and leadership skills. This is done through participation in the weekly club meetings – where the goal is to build skills while having fun. Guests are always welcome.

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Carleton Transitions Study

Participants Needed! We are a research team based in the Psychology department here at Carleton, and we’re recruiting undergraduates to participate in the Carleton Transitions Study. Help us to learn how students experience the transition to university, including academics, relationships with parents, social life, mental health, and more. Your input will help us to understand how students make a successful transition to university, and eligible students will receive a $10 amazon.ca gift code for completing our intake survey. Stop by our booth to learn more and find out if you’re eligible to participate.

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Carleton University Biology Society (CUBS)

The Carleton University Biology Society is a student led organization created to bring together Carleton’s biology students from first through fourth year. We are everything from a fundraising, volunteering, mentoring and social group all rolled into one. All Carleton biology, biochemistry, neuroscience and health science students as well as any students that just have an interest in biology are welcome to join!

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Carleton University Dance Crew

So you think you can’t dance? YOU CAN! Carleton University Dance Crew is an inclusive group designed for people of all experience levels who love to dance. The routines we learn cover a large range of styles including hip hop, contemporary, Afrobeat, and more!

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Carleton University Debate and Speech

Ever argue with your partner, parents, professors, local politicians, or friends? Ever feel like you can’t think of that blistering argument or zinger in time? Do you want to amp up your resume/CV by developing your critical thinking skills and building a robust repertoire of snappy one-liners and witty comebacks? Then Carleton University Debate and Speech (CUDS) is for you!

CUDS is a student-run organization dedicated to fostering key public speaking and analytical skills. For the past 20 years, Carleton University Debate and Speech (CUDS) has established a legacy as one of the most inclusive and competitive debate societies in the country! CUDS consistently wins or places well in national and international debate tournaments, even routinely beating Ivy League universities like Harvard, Yale and Oxford. CUDS is also active in the French debate scene. In fact, throughout the years, CUDS has won or been Finalists in various French debate tournaments, including French Nationals 2019. Anyone can join CUDS and participate in English and/or French debate, regardless of experience. To find out more, follow us on social media. Or you can simply stop by our practices every Monday at 6pm and Wednesday at 7pm (locations announced on our Facebook and Instagram pages).

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Carleton University Greek Council

Carleton University Greek Council (CUGC) was formed in 2007. Our founder’s saw it as a means to unify Carleton’s fraternities and sororities. CUGC serves as the primary governing body of the Greek community at Carleton University. The council consists of seven fraternities and eight sororities and strives to ensure its members excel academically and socially during their time at Carleton University. CUGC is responsible for planning multiple social, athletic and philanthropic events during the school year and its affiliated organizations endeavor to teach commitment, dedication, initiative and leadership outside of academics. Many of Carleton’s Greek alumni have become notable members of their communities, and being part of Carleton’s Greek Community is a fantastic networking resource. Carleton University Greek Council can help connect you with your perfect fraternity or sorority.

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Carleton University Greens

Carleton University Greens is made up of young people passionate Green politics and specifically the vision of the Green Party of Canada. We encourage involvement in Green politics, host events focused on politics and the environment, and other topics in line with the GPC’s vision. We are a space for partisan and non-aligning students to come together under a shared committment to environmental sustainability.

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Carleton University Panhellenic Council

We are a group overseeing Carleton University’s three Panhellenic international sororities: Phi Sigma Sigma, Alpha Omicron Pi, and Delta Phi Epsilon. Joining a Panhellenic international sorority allows members to become part of a smaller community of dynamic, diverse women. Each of the three Panhellenic sororities are unique, and no matter what your past experiences, interests, and goals, you’ll likely find a sorority that you can call home. Our members make the most of their university experiences – complete with meaningful friendships that last through graduation and beyond, thanks to an extensive network of alumnae across North America. From friendships to academics, community involvement to leadership, our sororities offer female students a place to belong while making their mark on campus.

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Carleton University Photography Club

The Carleton Univeristy Photography Club (CUPC) is a creative arts club that offers students exposure to the discipline of photography and provides both learning opportunities and venues to allow individuals to experience using a camera.

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Carleton University Young Liberals

Youth branch of the federal and provincial Liberal Party.

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Catholic Christian Outreach

Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) is a university student movement dedicated to evangelization. We challenge students to live in the fullness of the Catholic faith with a strong emphasis on becoming leaders in the renewal of the world.

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Located at Lansdowne Park, CityFolk is a multi-day celebration of music, dance, and community featuring an eclectic mix of musical performances on various stages. We are family-friendly, community focused, culturally diverse and committed to eco-friendly initiatives. CityFolk Festival takes place Thursday, September 12th through Sunday, September 15th, 2019.

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Country Music Association of Carleton

We aim to provide opportunities for Carleton country talent to strive and for country music lovers to have fun! We achieve these goals through concert ticket giveaways, bar nights and student concerts!!

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cuHacking is the first MLH hackathon at Carleton University, started in 2016; from the beginning, our focus has been on creating a community of students passionate about technology, learning, and teamwork.

We help hackers learn practical development skills and expand their professional portfolios; we believe that the best way to learn new skills is by working on projects, with support from peers and mentors which is why a hackathon is the perfect environment. Students that attend cuHacking are able to familiarize themselves with new technologies as well as add a project to their portfolios, and sponsors are able to connect and engage with the brightest young minds.

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CUSC Gaming (Carleton University Strategy Club)

CUSC Gaming, formerly Carleton University Strategy Club, is Carleton’s oldest and greatest traditional games club! We’ve hosted weekly board game nights since 1970 and have amassed a diverse collection of games that you’re free to explore.

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Department of University Advancement

We would like to present our FutureFunder crowdfunding platform, on behalf of the Department of University Advancement at Carleton University. Students may submit projects to fundraise for via FutureFunder, which share our collective mission to advance teaching, learning and research here at Carleton University. This will help raise awareness about the platform, and encourage students who have projects that need financial support to submit these on our website.

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Emerging Leaders for Solar Energy

ELSE Carleton is an advocacy group dedicated to educating and connecting the solar industry with the general public of Ottawa. From information nights to fundraising solar projects, ELSE Carleton helps our students become better prepared for joining the solar industry. ELSE Carleton is closely affiliated with ELSE Canada. They are a nation-wide and non-profit organization that provides mentorship and networking opportunities for anyone interested in being apart of the solar movement.

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Enactus Carleton

Enactus is a global community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial driven action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. We create sustainable solutions that contribute towards achieving the United Nations sustainable development goals in the Ottawa community. This year we are focusing on financial literacy and environmental awareness.

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Her Campus Carleton

Her Campus Carleton is a club/chapter involved with Her Campus International, an online publication dedicated to writing about issues and providing content related to university and college communities. Looking for volunteers to join our club throughout the academic year in order to fill up our online content. We are always looking for students to write about issues they are passionate about whether that be world news, politics, style, sex and dating, cooking, campus-related issues, etc. Our club allows for our volunteers to pitch their pieces to editors and in return, we provide feedback, as well as a chance to get your work published online by an accredited publication.

We also hold events throughout the year to thank all our supporters and anyone who might be interested in joining in. Last year, we held some very successful events and outings including a hike in Gatineau Park, a club night, a volunteer Christmas party and our grand finale, a poetry night at a local coffee shop which gathered in hundreds of people.

We are a very flexible group and invite anyone who is interested in photography, writing, design and event-hopping to join our group. We would love to have you!

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Ignite ACF

The Carleton University chapter of the Adventist Christian Fellowship of Ontario. Our mission as Ignite ACF is to light the spiritual fire of the Carleton student body. We aim to uplift and motivate students to reach their fullest potential. We will accomplish this by building healthy relationships and actively promoting the growth of our members.

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Lighthouse@Carleton is a Christian club that aims at inspiring and empowering people all over Carleton. We exist to spread the love of God. We want to be known for our love, excellence, spirituality, service, and honour.


Ottawa Fire Truck Pull – Epilepsy Ottawa

On Saturday October 19, 2019, teams of 10 will descend on Lansdowne Park, Aberdeen Square to demonstrate that they have the fortitude to pull an Ottawa Fire Services fire truck 100 feet. Teams will compete to see who can pull the truck the fastest, raise the most money for a good cause, or demonstrate the most team spirit.

Anyone can put together a team. Grab up to 9 friends, register, and raise at least $1,000 – that’s just $100 each!

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OWASP Carleton

We are the student chapter of an international Cyber Security organization with a mission to educate our fellow students on personal security on the internet.


Society of Media Production and Design

Meant for students of the MPaD program or just people interested in media or media production. We will be holding design competitions throughout the year as well as fun social events.

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Sock ‘n’ Buskin Theatre Company

Sock ‘n’ Buskin is Carleton University’s oldest running club. Our goal is to create a fun, inclusive, and supportive community at Carleton University for those that love theatre in any way, shape or form. Every year, we put on a number of performances on and off campus that vary greatly in content and style. Recent shows include God of Carnage, The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon, The Elephant Man, Much Ado About Nothing, Almost, Maine, and The Mousetrap. The only reason that Sock ‘n’ Buskin is a success is because of the incredible students that create the community. From stagehands to one-line roles, from directors to ushers, Sock ‘n’ Buskin is comprised of everyone who contributes to the community and shares our love of theatre and friendship.

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Sprott Business Students’ Society

The Sprott Business Students’ Society represents all undergraduate students at the Sprott School of Business. We are a volunteer organization run entirely by business students, for business students. We fund, organize and run social, professional and academic events to integrate the business community at Carleton University.

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Sprott DECA

Sprott DECA is case cracking competition that offers a unique experience for its members by incubating genuine connections with fellow members, both on and off campus. Through invitational conferences hosted by external schools and the provincial competition in January, DECA gives you the confidence that you need when you’re on the stage presenting. As a member of our chapter, you will be provided with numerous opportunities to attend conferences hosted by other universities within the DECA U network and Canada’s largest undergraduate business conference in Toronto.

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Sprott Marketing Students’ Association

The Sprott Marketing Students’ Association (SMSA) aims to provide the best academic, networking, and social opportunities for Marketing and Non-Marketing students. SMSA organizes various events (Sprott Marketing with Professors, Marketing Portfolio 101, Meet and Greet) to provide students a broader insight in the Marketing industry. Their mission is to provide students the opportunities to connect and network with professionals, and explore the marketing industry through attending conferences, case competitions and career panels.

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Sprott Student Investment Fund

The Sprott Student Investment Fund (SSIF) is an actively managed equity portfolio run by a select group of Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of International Business students at the Sprott School of Business. The money is real, the experience is real, and the output is real hands-on money-managing experience. Students are given the opportunity to learn investment strategies in a team environment. All members contribute to the analysis process, helping to assemble the ideal portfolio that will safely and wisely grow SSIF’s capital.

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St Jude’s Charity Club

Charity group dedicated to raising money for sick children around the world through the St Jude Children’s hospital.


TedxCarletonUniversity is an independently organized event with the intention of sharing ideas with the wider community. In the spirit of TED (a non profit organization), our mission is to give people in the Carleton Community a platform to spread the ideas they believe are worth sharing. Our club aims to hold annual TedxCarletonUniversity event that will present multidisciplinary talks.


The Carleton Engineering Musical

The original intent of the C-Eng Musical was to bring a new creative outlet to an unlikely group of people. It was to teach engineering students to write, to sing, to dance, to act, to build, to paint, to organize, to advertise, and to entertain. It was to bring creativity, comedy, and joy to the lives of these extraordinarily hardworking and capable people. But thanks to the suggestion of Professor Ron Miller, who was an incredible resource advice (and for a Narrator!) back in 2012, it became more than that. We decided to give our proceeds to charity, and the tradition has continued ever since.

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The Charlatan

The Charlatan is an independent newspaper that has been publishing at Carleton University for over 70 years. The newspaper will only publish works by Carleton students and is a primarily volunteer-run organization.

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Visual Arts Carleton (VAC)

VAC is a crafts and arts club that seeks to bring together creatives in the Carleton community! We host a ton of fun events which have included tie dye, birdhouse painting, Bob Ross night, free form acrylics, oils, ink, and so much more. We seek to create a safe space for university students to express themselves through new and interesting mediums. Everyone is invited to our weekly art parties, no matter the skill level. We hope to see many new faces this upcoming year!!

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Women in Computer Science (WiCS)

Women in Computer Science (WiCS) is a group organized by the School of Computer Science, Carleton University with the mission of establishing a positive environment for women in computing at all academic levels. Our goal is to develop a network of females in computing at Carleton that would allow them to share experiences and learn from each other. Our mandate is:
-to establish an environment where female students are supported in their studies;
-to promote women in Computer Science;
-to build a strong network of women in Computer Science

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Alinea Dental

Carleton University’s on campus Dental Office.


Baha’i Campus Club

An inclusive space for people of all backgrounds and beliefs to come together and explore spirituality and reflect on relevant social discourses. Activities will include engaging in elevated conversation about various topics, and how we can translate these insights into social action. We will be participating in service projects within our community. During this process we will reflect on the teachings and core values of the Baha’i Faith.


Best Buddies

Carleton Best Buddies is a club that has a main goal of friendship, inclusivity, and inclusion. Carleton Best Buddies reaches out to members in the community who have intellectual developmental disabilities, and our members work to eliminate the social stigma surrounding these members and their surrounding community. Our members hangout with their assigned buddy one on one and have the option of coming out to our monthly group events! We are always looking for members, if you are wanting to get involved with something that is not too time consuming, yet extremely rewarding, then Best Buddies is the club for you!


Cam’s Kids Foundation

Cam’s Kids Foundation supports young people struggling with anxiety by providing mental health resources and support. At universities across Canada we have Ambassador teams like the one here at Carleton University that raise awareness around anxiety and mental health through various activities and initiatives. Come by our
booth to learn more about our resources and how to get involved with our ambassador program.

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Campus Safety Services

Campus Safety Services consists of Patrol Services, Parking Services, Technical Services, Emergency Management and the Carleton University Student Emergency Response Team (CUSERT). Together we address the needs of the community regarding personal safety, protection of property, emergency response and parking needs. We offer a number of services and programs to benefit the members of our community. Stop by and say hi!

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Canadian Federation of Students – Ontario

Formed in 1981, the Canadian Federation of Students is a bilingual national union of over one-half million students from more than 80 university and college students’ unions across Canada. There are more than 35 Federation member local students’ unions in Ontario uniting over 350,000 full-time and part-time students. Our Federation provides students with an effective and united voice, provincially and nationally, and creates space and opportunity for students across the country and province to join together in creating change and winning victories on and off campus.


Carleton Disability Awareness Centre

The Carleton Disability Awareness Center (CDAC) provides the Carleton community with social supports regarding disability and accessibility. CDAC is designed to act as a forum for disability issues and to provide advocacy and events. The CDAC staff aims to foster social opportunities and to involve the CUSA membership in disability education and inclusion. They endeavour to challenge the stereotypes about disability and assist in the removal of barriers to every aspect of university life. CDAC achieves this through a wide range of programming for students that are both fun and informative.

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Carleton Navigators

The Navigators seek to make sense of the life and teachings of Jesus as university students and after graduation. We enjoy helping our friends interact with Jesus as well. We do this through mentorship, Bible studies, retreats, social gatherings and campus-wide events. All are very welcome! We look forward to meeting you.

Our weekly meetings are Wednesdays at 7 PM! The other dates and times get shared via social media and email. Please reach out or look us up for more information!

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Carleton Student Engineering Society (CSES)

CSES acts as an academic advocate and social/financial resource for BEng students. We fund student projects, workshops, Leo’s convenience store, our textbook library, leadership opportunities and special events. For more on how we improve the C-Eng community, visit www.mycses.ca.

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Carleton University – People’s Party of Canada

With the emergence of the People’s Party of Canada, a voice for all Canadians has finally arrived. The central tenets of this movement, individual freedom, personal responsibility, respect, and fairness, lay the foundation for a new brand of politics and bold reform. The purpose of our organization is to promote the PPC, but also to facilitate free discussion, leadership development, and confidence building. To politically minded students, we invite you to join us for policy discussions, club debates, volunteering, and relaxed social events. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Carleton University Student Emergency Response Team (CUSERT)

The Carleton University Student Emergency Response Team (CUSERT) provides 24/7 emergency medical response services to the Carleton University campus throughout the school year. The team operates under Campus Safety Services and is made up of volunteer first responders from a variety of academic and personal backgrounds. CUSERT is currently looking for motivated and dedicated students to join its highly-trained team.

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Carleton University Terry Fox Club

Every year, Carleton University’s Terry Fox Club works closely with the Ottawa Terry Fox Committee to host the annual Ottawa Marathon of Hope. We are dedicated to inspire and motivate students on campus to get involved with the cause, continuously raise awareness for cancer, and to advocate the increasing need for a cure.

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We are the campus radio station where students can get involved and learn radio.


Co-op & Career Services

Career Services is dedicated to supporting students in all programs and all levels of study as they explore what they can do with their degree, find meaningful degree related experiential learning opportunities, help them lead a successful job search and develop key employability skills.

Co-operative Education is the opportunity to get a head start on a career. Co-op work terms allow for the development of skills, exploration of career options and be able to graduate with tangible, workplace experience—giving students a competitive edge in the job market after graduation.

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David C. Onley Initiative

The David C. Onley Initiative for Employment and Enterprise Development is a partnership between the University of Ottawa, Algonquin College, La Cité and Carleton University. Together, we are working to bridge the gap between students with disabilities and employers by building pathways to meaningful employment. (We host inclusive, accessible career fairs and help students with disabilities along their path to employment)

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Equity Services

Equity Services supports Carleton University’s commitment to diversity as a source of human excellence and cultural enrichment. Our vision is the creation of a safe work and academic environment conducive to the pursuit of knowledge and personal and intellectual growth, one that is not only free of discrimination, injustice, and violence but is also characterized by understanding, respect, peace, trust, openness, and fairness.

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The From Intention to Action (FITA) program supports undergraduate and graduate students in the often stressful university experience. We help students to better manage stress and improve their academic performance, by navigating the personal stressors that can often get in the way of school. FIT: Action students meet 1-on-1 with a Coordinator for 1 hour every week for 12 consecutive weeks. Our Coordinators are staff members or Master’s-level interns trained in counselling and psychotherapy.

Often students feel overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to go. The most common ways we help are: supportive counselling, stress management, coping skills, time management, and learning strategies.


Food Centre

The Food Centre is a CUSA service centre offering a variety of programs with the aim of promoting food security for members of the Carleton campus community. The Food Centre operates an emergency food assistance program for students, faculty, staff, and alumni in need of temporary assistance meeting their food necessities.

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Foot Patrol

Foot Patrol is a student operated, student run, and volunteer based service centre. We provide safe walks and the Walk and Talk service for the Carleton community, as well as event safety support through the Guardian program, and the Borrow a First Aid Kit service. Foot Patrollers operate in pairs, and all volunteers are required to obtain a police record check in the vulnerable sector and complete a Foot Patrol training session prior to joining. Foot Patrol also patrols Carleton, promotes safety awareness, and conducts bi-annual safety audits of campus. All our services are free.

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GSRC (Gender and Sexuality Resource Centre)

The Gender and Sexuality Resource Centre (GSRC) aims to be a safe(r) space for Carleton students of all gender identities and sexual orientations through education, advocacy, and support.

The GSRC provides services such as: support and peer mentorship, Referrals to community resources (including a collection of pamphlets and resources), safe(r) space trainings and LGBTQ+-related workshops and presentations, the second-largest queer library in Ottawa (with both a lending and reference section), a drop-in space to socialize, study, etc.

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Hatch, is a student-led entrepreneurship program dedicated to providing its members with entrepreneurial options through social and business networking within and outside of Carleton University.

Our mission is to assist the start-up community and connecting entrepreneurs with investors, potential partners and their peers. In addition, hatch aims at expanding the entrepreneurial ecosystem within Carleton University and Ottawa.

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Health and Counselling Services

Health Promotion from Health and Counselling services aims to educate, promote and advocate for optimal student health and academic success by delivering events, resources, workshops and materials to students. Volunteers are welcome!

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Heart of the City Piano Program

We are a nonprofit organization which aims to bring the joy of music and piano lessons to children who would otherwise not be able to afford them. Funded through donations and events, and run by volunteers, we are trying to expand as much as possible, to reach as many children as we can.

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Housing and Residence Life Services

Housing and Residence Life Services works to create student focused residence community and strives to continuously provide quality service to support our residents. We are committed to providing opportunities for personal growth and academic development while promoting a safe and inclusive living environment.

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We are the local chapter of an international Exchange organization focused mainly in STEM and Business.


International Student Services Office

The International Student Services Office (ISSO) offers services and programs that contribute to positive international experiences for all Carleton students. We are dedicated to helping international and exchange students adjust to life in Canada and to helping them get the most out of their student experience. The ISSO supports and encourages Carleton students in gaining international exposure both locally and abroad through volunteer opportunities, international exchange or study abroad programs.

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Language Learning Resource Centre

Located on the 3rd floor of the St. Patrick’s Building, the Language Learning Resource Centre is “the place” on campus for language learning. Join us for weekly conversation groups in different languages or bump up your Co-Curricular Record organizing and running your own conversation group. We also have books, computers, and other resources available for student use. If you want to be around people who enjoy learning languages, stop by our table to learn more!

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Leo’s Lounge

A student-run cafe and Lounge with the cheapest food you can find on campus.


Mawandoseg Centre

The Mawandoseg Centre aims to be a safe(r) space for Indigenous students at Carleton and works to address the specific needs of the various Indigenous communities in and around the university. The Centre is also the leading point of contact for non-Indigenous students looking to connect and learn more about Indigenous cultures and histories.

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Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities at Carleton University

The PMC is the designated department at Carleton U coordinating disability services for all students on campus with documented disabilities.



/r/CarletonU is the largest online Q&A forum for Carleton. It’s a great place to post any questions you have during your studies at the University. It also acts as a hub for sharing and discovering photos, Internet memes, on-campus events, and clubs. In addition to general discussion and playful banter, /r/CarletonU also provides access to many public chat rooms to get even quicker answers and make new friends with similar interests.

The subreddit has also regularly holds AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions in which students have an opportunity to ask CUSA executives and electoral candidates on their policies and plans for the future. If you’re interested in hosting an AMA, contact our moderators!

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Racialized & International Students Experience (RISE)

RISE focuses on creating spaces that center those who are continuously pushed to the margins within already marginalized racialized and international communities. As a result, the centre seeks to prioritize these voices and lived experiences in both support and
programming. However, anyone interested in discussing or learning more about racism, oppression and migrant and diasporic identity while maintaining a safe space are more than welcome in the centre and our events.

Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office manages the academic activities of all Undergraduate and Special students, and manages the academic records of all Carleton students.


Rideau River Residence Association (RRRA)

The Rideau River Residence Association, (RRRA) is Canada’s oldest and largest residence association, representing over 3,600 undergraduate students in residence. RRRA takes pride in setting standards for leadership as the student’s voice in residence and it ensures the quality of life is conducive to the achievement of high academic goals. The RRRA office is located in the heart of Residence, at 232 Residence Commons. Come visit the executives, apply for on-campus jobs, and grab a snack or two in our lounge area!

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Science Student Success Centre (SSSC)

The Science Student Success Centre helps all undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science define and achieve their academic, career, and social goals. We are a Carleton University organization that provides mentoring to students as well as run a wide variety of workshops and events for students in the Faculty of Science.

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Sprott Business Career Management Centre

The Sprott Business Career Management Centre provides career-related support to Sprott students. This includes resume, cover letter and interview prep, career exploration, liaising with employers for job opportunities (summer, internships, full-time/new grad), events and providing support to Sprott’s new Employability Passport for incoming 2019-20 students. We are located in 704 Dunton Tower.

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Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs promotes information on topics that are of importance for students. We promote awareness around being a good community member, online presence, food scarcity and renter’s insurance. We are also an office that provides student support and addresses student conduct.


Sustainability Carleton

University Department within FMP overseeing Sustainability Programs.


University Services

University Services includes The Print Shop, Campus Card, Dining Services, and the Bookstore, among others. We’ll be there to promote these on-campus services.

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Wellness Centre

The Wellness Centre is CUSA’s peer-to-peer mentorship centre, focusing on helping students care for their physical, mental and emotional health. Visit the Wellness Centre for a variety of support services and programming, including workshops, events, and peer support.


Womxn’s Centre

The Womxn’s Learning, Advocacy, and Support Centre aims to be a safe (r) space for those who identify as Womxn but also anyone interested in gendered based issues. The Womxn’s Centre provides free male/female condoms, pregnancy tests, menstrual products, and a wealth of resources and material. The centre is home to the only Womxn’s only space on campus. All Womxn can use this quiet space for resting, prayer, breastfeeding, and self-care.

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