1. Notes About the Application
  2. Notes About Self-Enrolling in Online Training:

Please note: Applications for Head, Vice Head, Head Raven, President, Vice-President are now closed.

Notes About the Application

  • This application is for Facilitators, Managers, Ravens, and Board of Directors.
  • If you finish this application, that means you’ve been accepted as a Fall Orientation Volunteer, so you will have to enrol in the mandatory online training.
  • Applications close on Monday, June 17th at Noon in order to allow enough time to complete the mandatory online training that closes on Monday, June 17th at 11:55pm.
  • If you’re unsure what a Facilitator, Manager, Raven, or a Board of Directors is, you can follow this link to find out more.
  • If you have any questions about the application, please email Connor at fallorientation@carleton.ca.

Notes About Self-Enrolling in Online Training:

  • The online training is currently open. You will need to self-enrol in this course. In order to enrol, you need to search “Fall Orientation Spring Training 2019” under the “Search Courses” option that’s at the bottom of the CULearn homepage. It is your responsibility to enrol in this class. If you are having problems enrolling in the course, please email fallorientation@carleton.ca.
  • If you do not complete the online training by Monday, June 17th at 11:55pm, you will be unable to be a Fall Orientation volunteer. Anyone who does complete this training, will then be added to a team.

Get Involved, Get Recognized! – Your Fall Orientation Volunteer Position is recognized by the Co-Curricular Record.