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By Brandon Smith

Aristotle and Spinoza's View on Pleasure

Biography: Brandon Smith is a 1st year M.A. student in Philosophy, with a B.A.H. in English and Philosophy. His interests are in Benedict de Spinoza, Ancient Greek Philosophy and Ethics. His future goal is to do a PhD examining Epicureanism, Stoicism and Spinozism in their respective conceptions of the good life as flourishing or self-actualization and the day-to-day activities conducive to achieving this state of existence.

Brandon’s research: Aristotle and Spinoza’s Views on Pleasure

By Barâa Arar

Who Made the Algerian Woman?

Biography: Barâa Arar loves stories; she believes everyone has a narrative and we should all lend our ears to hear it. She studies Humanities and Art History at Carleton University. She co- hosts a “The Watering Hold Podcast,” where she tells many of her tales. You can find more of her work at:

Barâa’s research: Who Made the Algerian Woman? 

by Emilie Stewart

The Earth’s physical processes shaping the cryosphere

Biography: Emilie is a 3rd year undergrad student in Earth Sciences and Physical Geography. Having only completed two years of University, she is still exploring her interests, but has developed an early fascination with Earth’s physical processes shaping the cryosphere and the way humans have and will potentially influence them.

Emilie’s research: Abstract

by Hillary Leachman


Biography: Hilary Leachman graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies from Carleton University in June of 2016. She is currently completing her Masters of Arts in Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto. Her research interests include genre film, digital media and it’s interactions with traditional media, and systems of celebrity.

Hillary’s research: Famous on the Internet

by Kunio Hessel

Training in Psychology Research (with Children)

Biography: Kunio is a 4th-year student in the Cognitive Science program at Carleton University. He plans to graduate Spring 2017 with a B.Cog.Sci with a minor in Psychology, and hopes to attend Western University to pursue his MSc in Fall 2017. His research interests include social psychology, developmental psychology, and moral psychology.

Kunio’s research: Training in Psychology Research 

By Laura Tansley

Growing Through Grief: A Qualitative Interview Study of Adolescents’ Experiences with Death and Coping

Biography: Lauren Tansley is a fourth-year Honours student in Psychology. She previously completed a Bachelor of Humanities and a Master of Arts in Religion and Public Life at Carleton University. Lauren hopes to start a PhD in Clinical Psychology next Fall.

Lauren’s research: Growing Through Grief: A Qualitative Interview Study of Adolescents’ Experiences with Death and Coping

by Sonya M. Gray


Biography: Sonya M. Gray, whose Tlingit name is Shu wà, is of the Yéil (Raven) moiety of the Taakwaaneidi clan of Hoonah, Alaska. She moved to Ottawa in 2011. Sonya is an undergraduate student seeking her BA Honours degree in Anthropology.

by Lisa Sullivan

Prosody, Semantic Plausibility and the MV-RR Ambiguity

Biography: Lisa Sullivan is a 4th year student in the Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics program. She is interested in pursuing graduate studies in linguistics upon the completion of her program.

Lisa’s research: Prosody, Semantic Plausibility and the MV-RR Ambiguity

by Sarah Cole


Biography: Sarah Cole is a third-year student studying English and History. Her favourite aspect of her majors is when she gets to engage with both at once, researching the history of literature, writing, and the process of recording history. She hopes to go on to complete a Master’s in English Literature.

Sarah’s research: Lady Agnes Macdonald And Early Canadian History: A Summary