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FASS Endowment Fund

male studentExcellence in liberal arts education

The bachelor of arts is one of the most popular choices for post-secondary students. However, the contributions of a broad and comprehensive liberal arts education are often under-appreciated. In an increasingly globalized world, never has the BA been more relevant. As the world grows more complex, critical thinking and analysis skills, coupled with an ability to see the big picture have become even more important.


I am very grateful for the time that I spent at Carleton University and also for the support that I have received, and continue to receive, from the department, its faculty and its students. The support I received from Carleton at a very crucial time in my development as a musician, gave me the confidence I needed to pursue a career as a singer.

– Nadia Petrella, B.Mus., Carleton University, 2008; M. Mus. student (Classical Voice), Manhattan School of Music

Our Goal

Our goal is to make Carleton University a first choice for students to pursue a liberal arts education; and at FASS, we understand that the difference between a good university and a great university rests with our ability to set our own priorities and take advantage of both short- and long-term opportunities. We also know that the only way to ensure this freedom is to establish a secure, independent source of perpetual funding. That is why we are setting out to build a Faculty Endowment Fund of at least $1 million.

The dean’s office receives requests to support a wide range of important and engaging initiatives. We dream of a Faculty where every department, institute, school, centre, professor, researcher and student has access to consistent, sustainable program funding and research support; where we can take advantage of great opportunities as they are presented—opportunities that can’t necessarily be planned for in advance through the normal budgeting process. A healthy and robust FASS Endowment Fund can make this a reality.

The FASS Endowment Fund currently provides support for students to participate in valuable learning outside the classroom. For example, every year students have the opportunity to participate in the Alternative Spring Break program, a community service-learning initiative that challenges students to make connections between the service they provide to the community and the knowledge and skills they acquire in the classroom.

Other activities the FASS Endowment Fund supports are:

  • Departmental colloquia
  • Lecture series
  • Academic conferences
  • Research and teaching awards
  • Visiting professorships
  • Professional development
  • Staff support

The FASS Endowment Fund may also provide support to the Carleton University Art Gallery, which focuses on 20th century Canadian art including an extensive collection of Inuit and Aboriginal art.

Some examples of past exciting activities the FASS Endowment Fund has provided crucial support for:

  • Annual FASS Distinguished Lecture Series, which has brought exciting and inspiring speakers such as Stephen Lewis and Sheila Watt-Cloutier to Carleton’s campus.
  • National Forum on Canadian History, which featured then Governor General Michaëlle Jean.
  • Visiting scholars such as Abeeku Essuman-Johnson from the University of Ghana who taught a course on conflict and refugees in Africa for the Department of Sociology and Anthropology; and Réal Ouellet from the Université Laval who delivered a seminar for the Department of French.
  • Writer-in-residence program, which recently brought noted author and spoken word performer Ivan Coyote to campus to hold writing workshops.

The underlying aspect of my work that directly relates back to my humanities degree is the focus on citizens. Supporting democratization processes and institutions is fundamentally related to an understanding of human beings, how their communities are organized, and an appreciation for traditions and cultures.

– Jean-Noé Landry, who specializes in the political development of democracy,and since graduating from FASS has travelled to Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans, Eurasia, and Central Asia.

Your Support

Currently, our endowment fund holds just over $200,000. Our goal is to grow our fund to a minimum of $1 million, providing approximately $50,000 annually in support of Faculty priorities. We hope you will consider making a leadership gift to the FASS Endowment Fund. The return on investment of your leadership will be pivotal, encouraging further generous support for FASS, as well as endowment funds within other Faculties.


An endowment fund means many things: it allows for a sustainable and consistent source of support; it enables us to establish priorities and allocate funds that are consistent with our needs and the needs of our students; it provides the ability to take advantage of great opportunities when they are presented; it ensures innovation and creativity in research; and it allows us to plan for the future.
Supporting dynamic funding, such as the FASS Endowment Fund, will be a fundamental part of the university’s comprehensive fundraising campaign, now underway. By making a gift you issue a challenge to other donors to match your generosity.

As a student already involved with community service-learning at Carleton I thought I had a good idea of what to expect while participating in Alternative Spring Break in Cuernavaca, Mexico. However, after participating in all components of the program including the Habitat for Humanity builds and visiting a local squatter settlement called La Estación, I have been profoundly impacted in a way I did not even know was possible. I feel I learned more about social issues, including poverty,in Mexico in that one week than I ever could have in the classroom. To have the opportunity to actually experience these issues and see people who actually live this way every day is something I will never forget and I think it’s an opportunity that every student should have the chance to have.

– Andrea Robson, a third-year FASS student and Alternative Spring Break participant.

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