2020-21 Mark Anderson (History) Zombies and the Death of Certainty in the Land of Perennial Rebirth
2019-20 Carol Payne (Art History) The Hunter, the Crown, and the Cameras: Tracing Inuit and Settler Connections Through Visual Culture and Visuality
2018-19 W. R. Laird (History) The Renaissance of Mechanics
2017-18 Sarah Brouillette (English) On the Global History of Cultural Policy
2016-17 Daiva Stasiulis (Sociology & Anthropology) The Emotional Cartography of Citizenship:  The Lebanese Diaspora in the Shadow of War.
2015-16 Sonya Lipsett-Rivera (History) The Origins of Macho:  Men and Masculinity in Colonial Mexico
2014-15 Nahla Abdo (Sociology & Anthropology) Women and the Anti-Colonial Struggle:  Between the Local and the International.
2013-14 Jesse Stewart (School for Studies in Art & Culture: Music) Remix: Musical elements: form, process, representation, & community in my recent creative practice
2012-13 Eros Corazza (Philosophy) Saying the same and first person thoughts.
2011-12 Robert Coplan (Psychology) What the meek shall inherit:  The development of shyness in childhood.
2010-11 Donald Beecher (English) Straparola’s Pleasant Nights:  Folk Tales and Fairy Tales in the First Age of Print.
2009-10 Fiona MacKenzie (Geography & Environmental Studies) Crofting communities and land ownership in Scotland:  towards sustainable future.
2008-09 Rod Phillips (History) From Diet to Discretion:  The Changing Meaning of Alcohol.
2007-08 Sukeshi Kamra (English) The Infernal Propaganda Machine of 1907-1910 and the Making of the Nationalist Public Sphere.

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