Breadth Requirement for the B.A. Degree

Students in both the B.A. General and the B.A. Honours degrees are required to include 3.0 breadth credits, including 1.0 credit from each of three of the four Breadth Areas.

  • Breadth Area 1: Culture and Communication
  • Breadth Area 2: Humanities
  • Breadth Area 3: Science, Engineering, and Design
  • Breadth Area 4: Social Sciences

Credits that fulfil requirements in the Major, Minor, Concentration or Specialization may be used to fulfil the Breadth Requirement.

Mention : Français

In addition to the general requirement for the B.A., students in Combined Honours programs must fulfil the Mention : Français requirement. Such students must complete part of their requirements in French and demonstrate knowledge of the history and culture of French Canada.  For more specific details consult the departmental program entries.

Program Information

  • Cut off Range: 73-76%
  • Co-op Option: yes

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