First-year seminar (FYSM) courses are small classes (usually with 30 students) designed to give students the opportunity to discuss and research topics of interest in a core subject area. Most university students are in their third or fourth year of study before they have the opportunity to take seminar courses. As a Carleton University Bachelor of Arts (BA) student, you are provided with this experience at the first-year level through enrolment in your First-Year Seminar.

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts), B.Cog.Sc. (Bachelor of Cognitive Science) and B.G.In.S. (Bachelor of Global and International Studies) and B. Econ. (Bachelor of Economics) students are eligible to take a maximum of 1.0 credit in FYSM courses (one 1.0 credit FYSM or two 0.5 credit FYSMs) and B.Co.M.S (Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies). They can only register in a FYSM while they have first-year standing in their program.

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