The Ph.D. program in Anthropology emphasizes Engaged Anthropology. It seeks to provide graduate students with skills that will enable them to research, understand and engage critically with social issues facing people in specific localities or in translocal communities of practice.

Students will learn a range of theoretical approaches exploring the political economy, cultural logics, and discursively constituted power relations shaping engaged actions. Ph.D. students are normally expected to carry out extensive fieldwork away from their academic milieu, immersing themselves at length in the situations and practices they will eventually document in their dissertations.

In pursuing their fieldwork, students are encouraged to engage non-academic publics by extending their ethnographic research into apprenticeship, advocacy, and policy-related activities. This training in engaged anthropological theory and practice will provide students with skills and capacities that will make them well qualified for meaningful careers both inside and outside of academia.

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  • Co-op Option: no

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