Cognitive scientists study thinking in humans, animals, and machines. Carleton’s Ph.D. program in cognitive science is an integrated degree that is unique in Canada, and one of only a few in the world that trains researchers to consider the tools and approaches of related disciplines such as: psychology, artificial intelligence, philosophy, linguistics, and cognitive neuroscience.

With more than twenty participating faculty from many fields, the B.Cog.Sc., M.Cog.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in cognitive science produce scholars with broad perspectives on cognition, with skills from experimental testing to computer programming. Our graduates are prepared for research jobs in academia, the government, and industry that require multiple tools and broad skill sets to understand the most complex of entities: minds.

Ph.D. in Cognitive Science

Carleton University offers the first dedicated, fully structured Ph.D. program in Cognitive Science in Canada. We have an innovative program that is keeping pace with the rapid changes and exciting developments in the cognitive science community.

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  • Co-op Option: no

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