On February 1, 2020, TVO presented the world broadcast premiere of “There Are No Fakes.” The TVO Original documentary dives into the shadowy world of art fraud in Canada and brings into question the legacy of Anishinaabe artist and Canadian icon Norval Morrisseau. Filmmaker Jamie Kastner discusses what went into bringing this documentary to life together with Dr. Carmen Robertson (Canada Research Chair in North American Art & Material Culture).

Episode: Passing On Political Leadership; Art Fraud in Canada

TVO Interview linkhttps://www.tvo.org/video/forgery-morrisseau-and-indigenous-art

TVO Screening Infohttps://www.tvo.org/about/tvo-original-there-are-no-fakes-reveals-a-dark-tale-of-indigenous-art-fraud-and-the-legacy-of-a

There Are No Fakes Movie Poster

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