Your Investment

University is a big investment. But it shouldn’t exclude you from getting an education. At Carleton, we’ve got the resources to help you balance your budget so you can invest in your future.

Scholarships and Awards

Take a closer look at what we offer by visiting the Awards Office website. Our Prestige and Entrance Scholarships are second to none – that’s what makes Carleton #1 in scholarships and bursaries.

If you are entering Carleton with a high school average of 80 per cent or better, you will automatically be considered for one of our entrance scholarships.

The high school average we use is calculated from the marks submitted by your high school in support of your application, and may be a combination of early/interim or final marks. You may be offered an entrance scholarship provided the University’s Admissions Services receives your complete application for admission (either directly or through the Ontario Universities Application Centre) by June 15. No additional application is necessary. An A- average or better is required to maintain a renewable entrance scholarship.

Prestige Scholarships

Our highest awards are our Prestige Scholarships — 10 Chancellor’s Scholarships, five Nortel Networks Scholarships of Excellence, five Richard Lewar Scholarships, two Cognos Scholarships, and one Riordon Scholarship. For all prestige scholarships, you’ll need an admission average of 90 percent or better — the selection committee will also assess the range of your community or secondary school activities. All these scholarships can be continued each year that you are a full-time student, provided that you maintain an A- standing. If you lose your scholarship in one year it can be regained in future years. One application form is used for all the prestige awards and must be submitted by March 1.

If you are a student with an A- standing who has not been awarded one of the continuing entrance scholarships, you will automatically be awarded an in-course scholarship for the following year.