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A new summer research internship, the Carleton University Research Opportunity (CUROP), is being launched to give undergraduate students an opportunity to spend 13 weeks of their summer working full time with a Carleton researcher. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences students are eligible for 15 of the summer research internships and successful applicants will be paid $7500 over the duration of the project.

In the Fall term, directly after the summer internship, there will be a conference where presentations and poster exhibits of CUROP research will take place as a requirement of participants.


CUROP is open to any undergraduate student in good standing who has at the time of application completed their first year of coursework (preference will be given to students with a CGPA of at least 10.0). Students who intend to graduate during the research time (ie at spring convocation) are eligible to apply, but must commit to present their research at the CUROP Conference the following fall (either in person or remotely).

Students can apply to work with a faculty member in FASS or any other Faculty. Supervisors must be full-time faculty members.

While most of the awards will be for individual proposals, joint applications from two or more students will be considered. Where joint applications are approved, then each student involved will receive the full internship stipend.

Application Deadline: April 10, 2017

FASS students are responsible for defining their own research project and finding a faculty member with whom to work. In subject areas where team-based research is common, students may apply to do research that is part of a larger faculty-led project.

It is expected that students will share their CUROP experience with other undergraduates through social media, Carleton websites and/or the Discovery Centre.

Please visit the Discovery Centre CUROP page for additional instructions and to apply.

Students must apply through the Discovery Centre CUROP Page.