Landon Pearson Resource Centre

About the Centre

As a leader in the discussion on children’s rights, the Landon Pearson Resource Centre for the Study of Childhood and Children’s Rights has facilitated initiatives and projects dedicated to the advancement and betterment of the lives of children. The Centre acts as a gateway for the engagement of people of all ages, who share the common commitment to addressing children’s rights in contexts of global change and increasing pressures on children’s lives that requires the¬†immediate and full attention of scholars, advocates, activists, legal,¬†policy and programming professionals, among others.

The Landon Pearson Resource Centre was created with a powerful vision: every child in Canada will grow up aware of his or her rights and responsibilities and enabled to exercise them within a receptive and respectful society.

At the heart of the Centre’s dream is its commitment to facilitating opportunities for youth to increase their civic and political participation, by giving them the tools to be advocates for social change and by disseminating knowledge to educators, decision-makers, advocates and youth.

The Landon Pearson Resource Centre will continue to remain at the forefront of children’s rights. Please contact Dr. Virginia Caputo, the Centre’s Director for more information about the Centre.

Children's Rights

The Centre has and will continue to enable children and youth voices to be listened to and heard in advancing their rights by:

  • Creating practical opportunities with and for children and youth for the exercise of their civil and political rights and responsibilities;
  • Providing children and youth with access to information and knowledge about their fundamental citizenship rights;
  • Actively challenging and engaging schools, educational institutions, government and the not-for-profit sector to systematically and structurally respect the right to be heard of children and youth;
  • Demonstrating model decision-making processes that involve children and youth in important civil and political decisions;
  • Reinforcing and facilitating the network of agencies that shape public policy with respect to children and youth; and
  • Nurturing in adults a culture of respect for children and youth as fellow citizens and the willingness to hear what they have to say.