Individual departments in FASS have Faculty Research Mentors – members of the department who have many years of experience in successful grant submissions. They are happy to assist and give guidance to faculty members with many aspects of the grant writing and application process.

Anthropology Blair Rutherford Ext. 2422
Art History Ming Tiampo Ext. 5039
Canadian Studies Paul Litt Ext. 1941
Cognitive Science/Psychology Jo-Anne Lefevre Ext. 2693
English Language and Literature Franny Nudelman Ext. 1773
Film Studies Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano Ext. 1678
French Marie-Odile Junker Ext. 7601
Geography and Environmental Studies Fran Klodawsky Ext. 8689
History Paul Nelles Ext. 2823
Humanities Micheline White Ext. 1356
Music James Deaville Ext. 3738
Psychology Rob Coplan Ext. 8691
Philosophy Eros Corazza Ext. 2326
Linguistics and Language Studies Janna Fox Ext. 2046
Sociology William Walters Ext. 2790

Research Facilitator

Darlene Gilson

Darlene Gilson is the Research Facilitator for FASS as well as the Development and Training Manager for the Office of the Vice-President (Research and International).

In her role as Research Facilitator, she helps to foster a research culture and assists faculty members in the grant writing process, securing funds for research and ensuring projects are administered responsibly. She also helps to build research collaborations, maintains records and generates data for internal and external users.