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André Loiselle

Professor (on sabbatical/administrative leave - July 2017 to June 2019)

Degrees:B.A. (UQAM), M.A., Ph.D. (UBC)

My main areas of research are Canadian and Québécois cinema, the Horror film, and theatricality on screen. I have published a dozen books, including The Canadian Horror Film: Terror of the Soul (2015, with Gina Freitag), Stages of Reality: Theatricality in Cinema (2012, with Jeremy Maron), Denys Arcand’s ‘Le Déclin de l’empire américain’ and ‘Les Invasions barbares’ (2008), Cinema as History: Michel Brault and Modern Quebec (2007) and Canada Exposed (2009, with Pierre Anctil and Christopher Rolfe). My next research project focuses on the immersive theatricality of haunted attractions. At Carleton, I generally teach courses on Horror Cinema, Film Theory and Historiography, as well as Canadian Cinema. In 2008, I appeared as an “expert on zombie movies” in the documentary Zombiemania (Donna Davies) along with Tom  Savini and George A. Romero.

Andre Loiselle. Short CV. July 2016

Video: excerpt from Zombiemania – why people watch Horror films…

Recent Articles and Book Chapters


“Pure Laine Evil: The Horrifying Normality of Quebec’s Ordinary Hell in the Film Adaptations of Patrick Senécal’s ‘Romans d’épouvante’,” The Canadian Horror Film: Terror of the Soul (University of Toronto Press, 2015) pp.67-88. Download the PDF: Loiselle. Pure Laine Evil. The Canadian Horror Film.

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“Canadian Horror, American Bodies: Corporeal Obsession and Cultural Projection in American Nightmare, American Psycho, and American Mary,” Brno Studies in English, 39: 2 (2013; published in September 2014): 123-136. PDF version, please click to view: Loiselle. Canadian Horror American Bodies

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“Buxom Monstrosity: Theatricality and the Ostentatious Body of the Horror Film,” Monsters and the Monstrous. 3:2 (November 2013): 45-57. PDF version, please click to view: Loiselle – Buxom Monstrosity.

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“Cinéma du Grand Guignol: Theatricality in the Horror Film,” Stages of Reality: Theatricality in Cinema, eds André Loiselle and Jeremy Maron (Toronto, Buffalo and London: University of Toronto Press, 2012). pp.55-80. PDF version, please click to view: “Loiselle – Cinema du Grand Guignol”

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(with Gina Freitag) “Tales of Terror in Québec Popular Cinema: The Rise of the French Language Horror Film since 2000,” The American Review of Canadian Studies. Special Issue: Québec Cinema in the 21st Century,  Vol. 43, No. 2, (June 2013): 190–203. PDF Version, click to view “Freitag and Loiselle. Tales of Terror in Quebec Popular Cinema”

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“Red and White on the Silver Screen: An Iconography of the Canadian Film,” Communication in Question: Competing Perspectives on Controversial Issues in Communication Studies, eds Joshua Greenberg and Charlene Elliott (Toronto: Nelson Education, 2013), pp.194-201. PDF Version, click to view.

“Popular Genres in Quebec Cinema: The Strange Case of Horror in Film and Television,” How Canadians Communicate III: Contexts of Canadian Popular Culture, eds. Bart Beaty, Derek Britton, Gloria Filax and Rebecca Sullivan (Edmonton: Athabasca University Press, 2010),

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“Quebec’s ‘Télévision Fantastique’: Horror and National Identity in the Television Series Grande Ourse,” The Nation on Screen: Discourses of the National on Global Television, eds. Enric Castelló, Alexander Dhoest and Hugh O’Donnell (Newcastle upon Tyne [UK]: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009), 65-77. PDF article: Quebec’s “Television Fantastique”

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Quebecus Horribilis: Theatricality, the ‘Moment of Horror’ and Quebec’s ‘Satanist’ Cinema.” Nouvelles “Vues” sur le cinéma québécois 8 (winter 2008).

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“Horreur et dépaysement : l’altérité géographique et médiatique comme source de terreur dans trois adaptations cinématographiques de romans d’épouvante québécois – Le Collectionneur, La Peau blanche et Sur le seuil,” Literature et Cinéma au Québec – 1995-2005. Eds. Carla Fratta and Jean-François Plamondon (Bologna: Pendragon, 2008): 81-92. PDF article: “Horreur et Dépaysement”

To purchase my books, please visit the following off-campus links:

Book Cover - Canadian Horror Film

The Canadian Horror Film: Terror of the Soul [ click here ]

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Stages of Reality: Theatricality in Cinema [ click here ]

Canada Exposed [ click here ]

Denys Arcand’s ‘Déclin de l’empire américain’ and ‘Les Invasions barbares’ [ click here ]

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Cinema as History: Michel Brault and Modern Quebec [ click here ]

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Le Cinéma de Michel Brault, à l’image d’une nation [ click here ]

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Stage-Bound: Feature Film Adaptations of Canadian and Quebecois Drama [ click here ]

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Michel Brault Oeuvres – Works, 1958 to 1974 (DVD boxset and Book) [ click here ]

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Auteur/Provocateur: the films of Denys Arcand [ click here ]

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Scream from Silence/Mourir à tue-tête [ click here ]

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Self-Portraits: The Cinemas of Canada since telefilm : may be purchased through the Canadian Film Institute, or download a free PDF copy here