To accommodate the recent new Health Science program and the Neuroscience program and to take advantage of and support the synergies that exist between these two programs Carleton University is planning to build a new Academic Health Science building for these two programs.

The design and layout of the labs, offices and workspace are such to help encourage and facilitate collaborative interaction between faculty and students.

The new building is planned to have seven floors and one mezzanine. The total building area will be roughly 120,000 square feet. The new building will be located in parking 2B east of the Steacie building.


Key Building Details

  • The first floor will have a new lecture theatre. There will be a mezzanine at the back of the lecture theatre to also allow entry/exit at the back of the lecture theatre.
  • The second, third, fourth and seventh floors will have labs, lab support space, research support space, offices and student workstations.
  • The fifth and sixth floors will be shell space to allow for future program growth.
  • There will be a ground level enclosed connection between the new building and the Steacie building.
  • Each floor will have its own mechanical/electrical room. This is to allow for minimal disruptions to other floors when work on one floor is taking place.


Environmentally Friendly Design

The Academic Health Science Building project has undertaken a Green Globes Workshop and is aiming to achieve a rating of 4 Globes.

Design and Building Team

Architect: Montgomery Sisam Architects Inc. and NXL Architects Inc.

General Contractor: (to be determined)

Project Manager: Darryl Boyce, Assistant Vice-President, Facilities Management and Planning, Carleton University

Construction Phase: October 2015 to June 2017