A significant roadwork project will get underway on campus starting May 10, 2021. The purpose of this work is to mitigate future traffic congestion on campus as part of Carleton University’s Transportation Plan project involves three major elements, including:

Expansion of Bronson Ave. entrance to campus: This will include an additional left-turn lane (going northbound), and enhanced pedestrian and bicycle crossings at the traffic lights for increased safety. This work also includes updating the entire Bronson Ave./Sunnyside Ave. intersection with pedestrian/cyclist safety crossing measures.

Parking Lot 7: The parking lot will be expanded and the existing mound of dirt will be removed. The pedestrian pathway that runs from Bronson Ave. will be realigned to increase safety.

Roundabout near P7: A roundabout will be constructed just east of the O-Train bridge near the entrance to P7.

This work builds on completed transportation initiatives, including the Stadium Way entrance onto campus and the Raven Road extension for bus traffic only. Together, these measures will assist in improving traffic flow around the campus.