With winter in full swing, the Facilities Management and Planning team wants to remind the campus community that the university’s snow removal plan is in effect. FMP’s priority for snow removal is to keep the main streets on campus clear and to be as responsive to weather conditions as possible. The major pathways on campus will also be cleared and pedestrians are asked to use sidewalks along the streets and wear appropriate footwear for their safety.

Our campus has a designated Safe Pathway system that is shown in yellow. This pathway system is well lit for additional safety and has emergency phones located along the route. If you are working or studying late on campus and want an escort to your residence or car you can also request a Safe Walk via the Carleton mobile app under the Safety tab, or by calling Campus Safety Services at 613-520-2600, ext. 3612.

Access to the tunnel system at Carleton University remains restricted to authorized individuals and those with approval to use the tunnels for accessibility purposes. While parts have been ordered to improve ventilation in the tunnel system, they are not yet available due to supply chain constraints.  

This restriction supports the university’s COVID-19 response plan and is expected to be in place throughout the winter months. Students, faculty or staff with accessibility issues should email covidinfo@carleton.ca for a tunnel pass which are restricted to those with mobility issues and operational needs.

Thank you,

Campus Safety Services and Facilities Management and Planning