Customer Experience

I have the interests of the customer in everything I do and I am in tune with their needs and expectations.

red puzzle piece in a white puzzle Bronze Level Criteria

a) The organization identifies and segments its current customer groups based on needs and values.

b) A customer experience policy exists and has been communicated clearly and consistently to all customers and employees.

c) The organization communicates with its customer groups using a variety of methods.

d) Employees understand the importance of contributing to positive customer service.

e) A customer feedback process/mechanism is in place.

Silver Level Criteria

a) Linked to the Strategic Plan, a Customer Experience Plan is in place that defines the customer experience, with a plan of how to deliver and measure the experience.

b) The organization’s services have been aligned to the needs and value of its customer groups.

c) Customer requirements are identified, analyzed and communicated to employees.

d) Customer service standards exist at key customer contact points and are integrated into team or individual performance plans.

e) Mechanisms are in place for customers to:

  • Provide input on their requirements
  • Seek assistance, and
  • Give feedback on measures that are relevant to them

f) Baseline customer feedback measures have been identified. Results have been collected, and used to inform planning and innovation.

g) The value of the organization’s services has been communicated to its stakeholders.