Leadership and Governance

My manager supports and recognizes my efforts and contributions… and reinforces and leads our journey to excellence for all of the drivers.

man standing at the top of a mountain

Bronze Level Criteria

a) It is important that the senior leadership team endorses and supports the following operating principles:

  • leadership involvement
  • a primary focus on the customer experience
  • co-operation, teamwork, and continuous learning
  • a focus on excellence, innovation and wellness
  • a focus on continuous improvement
  • commitment to fact-based decision-making through the use of data and measurement
  • commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • commitment to good governance, including enterprise risk management, and financial controls

b) Key policies and/or written statements exist in the organization that address excellence, innovation and wellness.

c) In the decision-making process, the organization considers the wide-spread impact of decisions on customers and employees.  Impacts include quality, safety, health and societal issues

d) There is a method to review and ensure compliance with relevant provincial and national case law, regulations and standards.

e) A policy that demonstrates respect for diversity is well understood in the organization.

Silver Level Criteria

a) Governance framework policies applicable to the organization’s mandate and goals have been established, and such policies have been communicated across all areas.

b) Shareholder/Stakeholder management practices are defined.

c) There is clear accountability and cascading of responsibility for excellence, innovation and wellness.

d) Indicators of effectiveness of leadership have been established and measured.

e) Training has been provided to key stakeholders and goals and indicators have been established related to diversity.