Partners and Suppliers

Our suppliers and partners that we work with on a daily basis are simply an extension of what we deliver to our customers and are key in our success.

partners and suppliers criteria

Bronze Level Criteria

a) Key partner and supplier groups have been identified.

b) A policy (or policies) is in place that includes different forms of partner and supplier relationships.

c) Appropriate information and criteria is used to select capable financial and non-financial partners and suppliers.

Silver Level Criteria

a)  A Partner Plan Plan is in place that links to the Strategic Plan.

b) The organization establishes and maintains co-operative working relationships with key partners and suppliers, and responds to feedback effectively.

c) Prior to procurement and whenever possible, employees are involved in assessing the impacts of products or services that impact on their health, safety, and /or productivity.

d) Baseline partner and supplier performance measures are identified and collected.