People Engagement

I work in a safe and positive environment where I am asked for my opinion and expertise and I’m able to play an active role in our success.

people rowing

Bronze Level Criteria

a) The leaders actively promote a culture of work/life balance.

b) A policy (or policies) exists that clearly demonstrates a commitment to people and wellness.

c) Awareness training is provided for the employees, covering the organization’s excellence journey, including references to the Excellence Canada Criteria.

d) Human resources policies have been developed and are available to all employees for easy access. Human resources policies should address relevant human rights legislation and issues to protect against harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

e) Internal customers are identified.

Silver Level Criteria

a) A strategic Human Resources Plan and a Wellness Plan which includes mental health, are in place and clearly link to the overall Strategic Plan and related operational plans.

b) There is a system in place for recruitment, selection, and on-boarding of employees.

c) Employees clearly understand their roles and responsibilities as outlined in current position descriptions.

d) There is a system in place for the management of employee performance and retention.

e) Improving leadership, management, and supervisory interpersonal skills and abilities is a high priority.

f) Training and development requirements are determined with employee input, and employees are assisted in acquiring and implementing new skills.

g) Human resources, wellness and Voice of the Employee indicators are developed, measured and communicated.

h) Management provides various avenues for employees to provide feedback, and to put forward innovative ideas and suggestions for improvement.

i) Internal customer satisfaction is measured for ongoing improvement and results are communicated.