Process and Project Management

I see what I do each and every day as contributing to that plan and we have efficient and effective ways to achieve it.  And if we don’t, we have mechanisms to improve those ways or introduce new ways to deliver value.

project management criteria

Bronze Level Criteria

a) There is commitment to better manage and improve key policies and procedures in the organization.

b) Key processes and projects have been identified.

c) Training for process and project management and related tools is planned and/or underway for involved employees.

Silver Level Criteria

a) Key work processes and/or procedures, including process ownership, are documented using a consistent methodology across the organization and are easily accessible by all employees.

b) Key internal stakeholders across the organizational levels are involved with process improvement activities with demonstrated input from employees directly impacted by any changes.

c) Key processes are assessed for their impact on the safety of customers, partners and suppliers and the physical and mental health and safety of employees.

d) Key measures have been identified and data is actively being collected and used to measure and monitor key process stability.

e) Training for process and project management has been expanded to management and others as required.

f) A standardized method is in place for project management.