Strategy and Planning

My department knows its key function and the value it delivers.  We all know where we are going and we, together, are moving in the same direction.

strategy and planning criteria

Bronze Level Criteria

a) There is a vision, mission, and/or values statement that has had input from stakeholders.  These statements are communicated broadly.

b) Financial, human and related resources are committed to excellence, innovation and wellness.

c) Enterprise risks have been identified.

d) The organization uses a variety of methods to communicate its various policies and plans.

Silver Level Criteria

a) An organization-wide Strategic Plan has been developed and implemented with input from all stakeholders.

b) Flowing out of the Strategic Plan, a balanced set of priorities and measurable goals has been developed that relate to excellence, innovation and wellness, as reflected in various plans.

c) Baseline indicators to measure performance against goals have been established in plans (or sections of plans) and are monitored regularly through methods such as the “Organizational Excellence Scorecard”.