When do I use a Purchase Order?

Purchase Orders (PO) are required for all purchases of goods and services that exceed $10,000. Please refer to the Purchasing Policy for further details

How do I set up a Purchase Order?

Purchasing Services supports the campus community with sourcing, quantity, delivery schedule and pricing decisions. An appropriately completed and authorised Purchase Requisition must be forwarded to Purchasing Services to initiate the purchase of goods and services. Please refer to the Purchasing Policy for further details

Are there any exceptions to the Purchasing Policy?

Procurement of certain goods and services by the University rests in areas other than Purchasing Services, due to their specialized nature. The exclusion to the Purchasing Policy are:

  • Construction Contracts/Material – Assistant Vice President (Facilities Management and Planning)
  • Insurance and Investment Services – Director of Finance
  • Personnel Services and Contracts – Director of Human Resources
  • Library Book Acquisitions – University Librarian