The following are some questions you may have about unpaid work placements.

1)  Am I obliged to do mandatory health and safety training while on an unpaid placement?

a.    Yes, Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, students engaged in unpaid placements and similar experiential learning opportunities are classified as workers and their employers are responsible for providing training. Every worker in the province of Ontario must be trained in health and safety awareness training and in how to protect themselves from workplace violence and harassment. Other workplace-specific training may be required, as determined by each employer.

b.    How do I know if I am getting the correct training? Please contact Tony Lackey, director of Risk and Insurance at

c.    If I have concerns about the safety of my work environment, who do I contact? Please contact Tony Lackey, director of Risk and Insurance at

2)    What do I do if I have an injury in my employer’s workplace?

a.    You must report the injury to your supervisor within the employer’s workplace. They will assist with the provision of first aid or medical treatment if required. They may also complete an accident report with you. While they are to advise Carleton University (Tony Lackey, director of Risk and Insurance at of all injuries, we ask that students please advise Tony Lackey, director of Risk and Insurance at as well.

3)    If I am not actively registered in courses at Carleton University can I still get insurance coverage?

No, if you are not registered, you are not covered by any insurance plan offered by Carleton University.

4)    What do I need to know about Workplace Violence and Harassment?

a.    Ontario has legislation which requires employers to have policies and processes in place to address workplace violence and harassment. Carleton’s workplace violence policies and programs can be found here

b.    Your placement employer will have similar policies and programs in place to protect their workers. Part of your training with the employer should cover this.

c.    If you are subjected to or witness workplace violence or harassment, speak to your supervisor immediately and they will help. If you need immediate assistance follow the employers’ procedures or call 911.

d.    In addition to speaking to your employment supervisor, at Carleton we want to also be notified if there are any concerns. Please contact Tony Lackey, director of Risk and Insurance at

5)    Where do I go if I need proof of liability insurance?

If you need proof that you are covered by the university’s General Liability insurance, please complete the Request for Certificate of Insurance form ( on the Financial Services website and email to

6)    If your work placement is unpaid and is NOT identified as part of your course requirements, please contact Tony Lackey, director of Risk and Insurance at

7)    When do Departmental Co-ordinators need to send the forms to the Registrar’s Office?

This is the last step after all the forms are gathered and the Data Collection Form has been completed and submitted, end of term is fine for the Registrar’s Office.

8)    What about students who are working for an employer but not at their site (e.g. research being done at a different location or on campus)? 

The forms must be completed.

9)    What about students who are doing unpaid work placements in remote areas?

If the unpaid work placement is within North America, the forms should be completed. If the unpaid work placements are international, these students are exceptions and will be required to use this form. If you have questions about international unpaid work placements, please contact Tony Lackey, director of Risk and Insurance at

10)  Do students who do volunteer work fall under the rules for unpaid work placements?

Students volunteering do not need to complete the Unpaid Work Placement Form for placements that are not part of a course requirement.  Only complete the forms if there is a special arrangement made by Carleton as part of the course that is not reflected in the formal course outline (exceptions).

11)  Are forms required for students attending career functions where a reflection is required?


12)  Is fieldwork considered an unpaid work placement?


13)  What about job shadowing at an employer site?

This is not considered an academic activity so no forms are required.

14)  Do Departmental Co-ordinators have to fill out forms when Carleton is the employer? 

Yes. Forms are required from the student and Carleton if students are doing an unpaid placement on campus.

15)  Who do Departmental Co-ordinators contact if employers request a liability certificate?

Please contact Tony Lackey, director of Risk and Insurance, at