Ontario government has regulations regarding unpaid work placements in the post-secondary sector. As a result, if you are a departmental co-ordinator who has been assigned to assist students when they participate in unpaid work placements, there are a number of things that you need to do.

Step 1: Departmental co-ordinators collect the two forms (i.e. Employer Declaration form and the Student Declaration form) from students.  These forms must be signed by the placement employer and student.

Step 2: Using a class list, departmental co-ordinators validate that the correct forms have been received by each student enrolled in each course with an unpaid work placement.

Step 3: Departmental co-ordinators complete one Data Collection form Unpaid Placements – Updated Data Collection Form per course and send to Robin Karuna, Benefits Administrator in Human Resources, at 507 Robertson Hall or robin.karuna@carleton.cano later than Dec. 30 (fall term), April 30 (winter term), and Aug. 30 (summer term).

For a  list of sample industries, please go here: goo.gl/YXtKQ3

Step 4: Once your Data Collection Form has been completed, Departmental co-ordinators should immediately send all Student forms (for undergraduate and graduate students) to the Registrar’s Office, 300 Tory Building for filing in the student file. Please note that only the original hard copy or a scanned copy of the original forms will be accepted. Submit electronic copies to registrar@carleton.ca.  Contact the Registrar’s Office for questions regarding this process.

For more information, please visit the Unpaid Work Placements webpage.