Are you a student who has arranged to undertake an unpaid work placement that is NOT required as part of a course or program? If yes, it is important that you fill out the form below to qualify for the Carleton’s workplace insurance.

Step 1: The student is required to fill out the unpaid-work-placement-form in order to obtain coverage.

Step 2: The student must send the completed form (i.e. digital or hard copy) by interoffice mail to Tony Lackey, 603 Robertson Hall or email no later than Oct. 15 (fall term), Feb. 15 (winter term) and June 15 (summer term).

Step 3: The student should obtain health and safety training from their placement employer.

Step 4: Questions regarding the form or work placements that would qualify for this insurance coverage should be directed to Tony Lackey, Director of Risk and Insurance.

Please note: This insurance coverage is subject to policy conditions and exclusions.

Please report any health and safety concerns related to unpaid work placements to your departmental co-ordinator and Tony Lackey, Director of Risk and Insurance at Carleton University.