Current First-Year Seminars by Number (2017-2018)

(If you are looking for a FYSM in a particular department or area of study, go to Current FYSMs by Department.)

In some instances, departmental websites may have more extensive information about the course. This is why links to departmental websites have been provided.

FYSM 1003 – Introduction to Economics

FYSM 1004 A, B, C, D – Literature, Genre, Context

FYSM 1100B – Sustainable Environments

FYSM 1101 – Location is Everything

FYSM 1106 A, B  – Issues in Classics

FYSM 1107 – Social Justice in the City

FYSM 1208 – Looking at Philosophy

FYSM 1209 – Contemporary Moral, Social and Religious Issues

FYSM 1217 A, B, C – Selected Topics in Communication Studies

FYSM 1306 A, B – Diversity in Psychological World Views

FYSM 1307 A, B  – Psychology and Criminal Justice

FYSM 1308 – Motivating Humans

FYSM 1310 B, C, D, E – Selected Topics in Psychology

FYSM 1400 – Cognition: A Scientific Exploration of the Mind

FYSM 1405 A, B, C, E –  Turning Points in History

FYSM 1409 – Social Change in Canada

FYSM 1508 A, B – Stress, Coping and Well-Being

FYSM 1510 – Moving Image and Sound

FYSM 1607 – Cognitive Science:  Thinking and Knowing

FYSM 1608 – Selected Topics in Economics

FYSM 1614 Nationalism and Populism in Europe