The From Intention to Action (FITA) program was developed to help students to balance personal and school-related stresses. Research has shown that working one-on-one with a Coordinator to develop better coping skills can lead to a greater sense of well-being and thus improved academic functioning.

Sample Sessions and Intake Interview

If you are interested in FIT: Action, you have 2 options:

  1. 1-hour intake interview: During this meeting, you will get to discuss your situation and your needs, and learn more about FIT: Action. On the basis of this interview, you will either be given application instructions, or referred to a more appropriate resource. Please note that because of limited spaces, not every student who applies to FIT: Action will be offered a spot.
  2. One-off session: During this 50-minute session you can tell your story, receive supportive counselling, and get a sense of what a FIT: Action session feels like. You may also receive the support you need if you are just having a tough week and need to talk to someone. After your one-off sample session, you may choose to book an intake interview if you would like to apply to FIT: Action; however, please note that you are not guaranteed a spot, nor are you guaranteed to be assigned the same Coordinator with whom you met in your sample session.

Because research has shown that engagement, motivation, and regular meetings are essential to making a program like this work, we interview students before accepting them into this program. All students who are interested in taking part in the FIT: Action program must first meet with a staff member for an intake interview. During this meeting, we will discuss the student’s personal situation, challenges, motivations and long-term goals. Students who demonstrate that they are motivated to make changes and accept direction, and that they would benefit from this intensive type of support, will be matched with a Coordinator.

Weekly Coordinator Meetings

The purpose of weekly meetings is to provide ongoing support in the development of effective coping and learning strategies. The Coordinators, who are all registered health professionals or interns in graduate counselling programs fulfilling their graduation requirements, will use counselling and psychotherapeutic techniques to help the student learn how to cope. FIT: Action students will attend 12 consecutive weekly meetings. Any further meetings after completing the initial 12 may be provided depending on individual circumstances.

Occasionally, a FIT: Action student requires an additional session here and there, over and above the regular weekly sessions (e.g. due to a crisis, a particularly tough week, etc.). These are available on a limited basis, and students may book these additional sessions through our front desk. Students should be aware that these sessions may or not be with their regular Coordinator.


FIT: Action complete a general assessment that examines a number of personal and academic variables. This 90 minute assessment will take place at some point during the student’s first few weeks in FIT: Action. The purpose of taking these tests is to gain an awareness of academic strengths and challenges, mental health, and other factors affecting a student’s life. This information can then help us to design a success plan specifically for the student.

Tests include measures of:

  • Personal adjustment
  • Study skills
  • Vocational interests
  • Personality preferences