At Carleton sustainability is central to our institutional values and mission.  It is embedded in our Strategic Integrated Plan and in our Campus Master Plan.

In April 2013, the Strategic Plan for Embedding Sustainability into Carleton University Operations was approved  – representing one of the most ambitious action plans in Canada to reduce a university’s environmental footprint.

The plan sets forth 5 recommendations:

  1. Develop a Green Revolving Fund.
  2. Create a multi-stakeholder sustainability advisory committee on campus operations.
  3. Develop a Green Team program across campus.
  4. Measure progress and evaluate programs.
  5. Conduct public consultation and engage the community.

In addition, the plan covers a number of priority areas for implementing sustainability. 

A number of initiatives are underway, including the upgrades in Robertson Hall, made possible by a collaboration between Honeywell and Facilities and Management Planning.

Learn more about sustainability at Carleton and the people who are working to create a greener campus.