On November 14, academic and professional service areas came together to share and learn about the collaborations behind a number of successful initiatives happening on campus.

Quality showcase 2

There were 13 posters on display at the third annual Quality Showcase, two of which showcased Facilities and Management Planning’s initiatives and the collaborations within: Sustainability and Chemical Inventory.


The office of sustainability is working to embed the strategic plan for environmental sustainability in all university operations – representing one of the most ambitious action plans in Canada to reduce a university’s environmental footprint.

The office of sustainability is working collaboratively to:

  • Reduce energy use and demand within existing and new buildings.
  • Realize a number of sustainability projects, such as the Green Revolving Fund.
  • Develop Greener Workplaces to enable local action and projects.


View the Sustainability poster to learn more. 

Chemical Inventory

Teaching, Research and University Operations use hazardous materials in various ways, every day. What do we have on campus? Where do we store and use these? And are we managing these safely?

EHS is working collaboratively to:

  • Ensure that hazardous materials managed safely and efficiently
  • Align safety training and procedure development to specific hazards
  • Provide real-time data to assist in emergency management

Chemical Inventory

View the Chemical Inventory poster to learn more.