In general, the transportation sector is a major contributor to greenhouse gas production. However, Carleton University has a relatively small fleet of vehicles of which the majority is already electric thus considerably reducing emissions.

While not included in the first carbon audit done in 2009, emissions associated with travel to and from Carleton University are a significant source of greenhouse gases. While the Carleton fleet contributes little in the way of emissions, there exists an opportunity to improve the larger impact of emissions from commuters.

Carleton University is a partner in several sustainable transportation programs within the City of Ottawa. To facilitate your commute to and from the Carleton University campus, you can take advantage of the various programs that we have partnered with and developed to promote a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Sustainable Transportation Options

  • walking
  • cycling
  • public transportation
  • Taxi Service – Safe Cabs
  • uOttawa/Carleton University Shuttle
  • Carpool Programs
  • Car-Share

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