Lunch is a great time of day. It offers us the chance to slow down from the morning and fuel up for the afternoon with something yummy. While you enjoy your lunch consider too the impact you may be having on our environment and think about bringing in a ‘litterless lunch.’

A littlerless lunch (sometimes called waste free) contains no throwaway packaging or food leftovers. Not only does it reduce waste but it can also save you money.

Ideas on how to pack a litterless lunch include:

  • A reusable lunch bag or box (not a throw-away, single-use plastic or paper bag). If you attended the recent Carleton Appreciation day you can use your lunch bag!
  • Reusable containers for packing food (no plastic wrap, foil, plastic bags, single-serving containers, pre-packaged foods). Hard plastic food containers or re-use of plastic tubs are suitable options.
  • Reusable drink containers e.g. thermos, or reusable bottle.
  • Non-disposable cutlery (silverware) and a cloth napkin.

July poster litterless lunch