We can all reduce our environmental footprint through our day to day purchasing, such as looking for sustainable options with less packaging, reduced air miles and a better ecological footprint. At Carleton, Dining Services conducted an audit of their purchases and 26% of all food and packaging (disposable cutlery, napkins etc) are from ‘Sustainable’ sources.

You can reduce your environmental impact at work through simple actions such as:

  • Ensuring all coffee and teas purchased by the workplace is Fairly Traded or Rainforest Alliance certified.
  • Look to use either our caterer’s reusable dinnerware or compostable event options.
  • Ensure all drinks and snacks are ordered in bulk rather than individual containers.
  • Look to purchase food in bulk trays and avoid purchasing cardboard and plastic-boxed meals.

Download and promote this poster to promote best practice:

Procurement – Buy Local