Carleton University is recognized within the 6th annual Going Greener report. The report highlights the impressive work being undertaken by Ontario universities to build greener communities.

From bans on the sale of bottled water to organic campus farms and bike repair stations, Ontario universities are proving their strong commitment to shrinking their environmental footprint, concludes the Council of Ontario Universities’ (COU) annual Going Greener report.

The report, now in its sixth year, illustrates how universities in Ontario are becoming more sustainable in their operations and policies surrounding food sustainability, conservation efforts, and the creation of partnerships that are building a greener community.

Patrick Deane, Chair of COU and President of McMaster University, says environmental sustainability is a top priority for Ontario universities and they are showing leadership in building a cleaner future. “Our universities have demonstrated truly exceptional commitments to sustainability across critical areas — from expanding course offerings and innovative recycling programs, to furniture reuse and green building initiatives,” says Deane. “Their collective effort to protect and preserve our environment is impressive.”

A few highlights from the report:
• More than 200 sustainability focused programs are offered by Ontario’s universities
• 41 per cent of university campuses have imposed a sales ban on bottled water
• 91 per cent of campuses offer discounted or free transit passes to students
• 77 per cent offer a car share station on campus
• 64 per cent offer a carpool or rideshare program
• 64 per cent offer a bike repair station
• 96 per cent of campuses have local food initiatives
• 86 per cent have a community or teaching garden
• 77 per cent have a farmer’s market on campus
• 73 per cent have implemented food donation initiatives

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