Carleton’s Eco Reps recently made their way out to the West Carleton Waste Management Environmental Centre. This location, once a busy open landfill site, is now a closed landfill site that currently accepts waste from Ottawa before heading south to a Moose Creek landfill. The site is also used as a waste transfer site, with recyclables and materials for reuse, diverted from landfill.


Eco Reps touring the WM facility

The facility also includes a state-of-the-art landfill gas to energy facility that collects landfill gas and converts it into clean, renewable energy. The facility generates enough electricity to power 6000 homes.


Gas from landfill facility

Our tour of the facilities included an overview of the wildlife protection offered on site, including a view of the poplar tree farm, where tens of thousands of poplar trees have been planted in recent years. Eco Reps also got a ride up to the very top of the landfill, getting a fantastic view of the entire site and the surrounding township of Carp. 

With positive feedback from our site visit we are looking forward to similar trips like this in the future. Getting the opportunity to see first-hand the full life cycle of our waste, and getting an understanding of the purpose and benefit to the environment of sorting and managing our waste. 

To find out more about the Eco Rep program, including information about current Eco Reps, how to sign-up and expectations of the role please see here.