When: June 15, 2021 to November 1 2021

Further to previous notifications, this notice is to provide clarification to our Carleton University Community about the existing Pedestrian Control Plan (PCP) – Existing Sidewalk Detour.

A detour is in place for pedestrians accessing campus at the Bronson Ave. main entrance.  Due to construction on University Drive., sidewalks are presently closed to pedestrian traffic between Bronson Ave and Campus Ave.  Instead, pedestrians are detoured to enter campus using Stadium Way.

Please note that pedestrian access to the West sidewalk along Bronson Avenue (from Colonel By Drive crosswalk to Stadium Way) is also closed. Pedestrian Access to University Drive is unavailable until the completion of this Intersection Modification Project.

All Pedestrians traveling both North and South on Bronson Avenue have been detoured to the East Sidewalk along Bronson Avenue, crossing at the Colonel By Drive Crosswalk  and the Brewer Way Crosswalk. Pedestrians can enter and exit the North side of campus using Stadium Way until construction is completed.

The existing Cycle track through P7 is also closed during the expansion of P7 (Note: a new paved cycle pathway is being realigned during this project and is scheduled for completion November 2, 2021.)

For our Carleton University Community’s information, the existing Pedestrian Sidewalk Detour (PCP) of the University Bronson Intersection Modification, University Drive Roundabout, and P7 Expansion Projects is below.  Click here to Fly Over the New Bronson Entrance.