Each year, the department develops a comprehensive plan to define new priorities and focus departmental initiatives to address new and/or changing priorities.  The annual plan deals with a net operating budget of $14.7 million, but the overall scope of Facilities Management and Planning cash flow has exceeded $61 million.  The department is a large business unit employing 91 full-time staff and 62 full-time contracted staff. The main sources of non-Facilities Management and Planning operating funds come from capital funding and through providing service to ancillary operations.

Managing the long-range integrity of facilities in support of the institution’s mission is a broader challenge than routinely responding to the repair emergencies or requests to modify offices or laboratories.

To accomplish this, the Carleton University facilities management strategy involves the following key areas of responsibility:

  • Campus development (new facilities)
  • Maintenance of existing facilities
  • Facility Renewal
  • Renovation and upgrades of facilities to meet new program and/or regulatory requirements

Facilities Management and Planning is in the process of implementing an in-house audit of the Academic and Administrative space and has accomplished a detailed field review of approximately 80% of this space.

In the overall assessment of facility conditions, a simple measure of the relative condition of a single facility or a group of facilities is required.  The Facility Condition Index (FCI) provides a readily available and valid indication of the relative condition of facilities.

The overall Facility Condition Index for our Academic and Administrative facilities is presently estimated at 0.11 suggesting that the overall maintenance condition of these facilities be considered Poor.  This would imply that the components of a number of our buildings are in need of costly renewal.