Photo of Natasha Zaveda

Natasha Zaveda

HACCP Specialist, Maple Leaf Foods

Degree Year Conferred
BSc(Hons) Food Science and Nutrition 2015
Employer Position Starting Year
Maple Leaf Foods HACCP Specialist 2018
Maple Leaf Foods Microbial/Chemical Laboratory Technologist 2016
A typical day at work looks like…
A typical day is never routine! There is always something to develop or improve, as food safety is something that is always subject to continuous improvement. Whether that be through food safety program maintenance, development, or implementation; a typical work day is never boring.
My future goals are…
My future goals right now include learning as much as I can in the food industry. The food industry is dynamic, and there is always something to learn from various disciplines. Knowing how these disciplines collaborate is interesting, and right now I’m quite content to develop professionally within Food Safety and Quality Assurance.
My degree has helped me get to where I am today by…
Giving me a multi-disciplinary outlook on field of study that truly can be multi-disciplinary. It opened my eyes to the other aspects of food science, giving me a glimpse into things such as product development, economics, policy and regulations, and of course: fundamental science. This, in addition to exploring real-life applications of textbook science, helped offer ideas of where I could seek employment after my studies.
My advice for current students is…
Be open to all experiences and opportunities! Being apprehensive or selective will only limit your potential, and you might miss out on career that you will really enjoy.

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