The Workplace
There is a demand in Canada for food science graduates with wide range of knowledge of the entire food production continuum, as well as regulatory and policy-making expertise. Graduates of the program will be eligible for membership in the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology and will be well qualified to work for the federal government and other agencies, as well as in industry and research. Careers in the food science and nutrition sectors include positions as quality assurance managers, consumer product officers, food technologists, and food safety specialists, to name but a few.

Graduate Studies
Many Carleton Honours students pursue graduate studies either in Canada or abroad. Our undergraduate programs are excellent preparation for master’s and doctoral programs. If you think you may be interested in pursuing advanced studies, be sure to investigate programs early in order to ensure you have the relevant requirements.

Professional Programs
Many professional programs, including teaching, medicine, business, and law encourage well-rounded applicants from a variety of backgrounds to apply. An Honours Bachelor of Science degree provides a strong foundation for such training.

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