Economic and Political Perspectives

Edited by Jorge Martinez-Vazquez and Stanley Winer

Published by Cambridge University Press

It has been said that taxes are the price of civilization. Actually it is the coercive power of the state to levy taxation that is the real requirement. The essays in this book reach for modern historical, economic and political understandings of coercion in public finance.

Topics include: Violence, Structured Anarchy, and the State; Voluntary and Coercive Transactions in Welfare Analysis; Coercion in Public Sector Economics: Theory and Application; and Coercion in the Laboratory

About the Editor: Stanley Winer is the Canada Research Chair Professor in Public Policy in the School of Public Policy and the Department of Economics. His research combines economics, politics, game theory and statistics to build empirical models of why governments do what they do. Recent work focuses on the meaning, measurement and consequences of political competitiveness in Canada over the history of the modern state and across Indian states since Independence.

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