Anna Desmarais with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Anna Desmarais with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Anna Desmarais recently landed the interview of a lifetime…and she’s still in university.

The Carleton Journalism student recently conducted a podcast interview with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for Policy Options.

Anna shared her reflections of the interview:

Thinking about interviewing Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister, made me incredibly nervous. I wrote down six pages of questions for the interview, I researched for days and I even rehearsed certain words in my head so they would come out professionally on the air. It didn’t help that Trudeau’s 6’3 frame painfully towered over me when he met and shook hands.

Yet, when we sat down in front of the microphones, it wasn’t Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada that was sitting in front of me; he was just another person, one that just so happened to be very passionate about young Canadians.

This conversation that we had about issues that impact me, my friends, colleagues, peers, is something that I will never forget.

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