Greg Ip at a podium

Greg Ip speaks at the Economics Alumni Reception.

The Wall Street Journal’s Greg Ip had a busy week at Carleton University.

Prior to delivering the FPA Currents Lecture on Friday, September 15th, he was the honoured guest at the Fourth Annual Economics Alumni Reception.

“I thought I might be an economist or a journalist. I honestly did not think I would be an economics journalist,” Ip told fellow alumni, students and faculty. “The two complement each other. [They] share this almost naive belief in the power of information and analysis to make the world a better place.”

The well-attended event included remarks from Glen Barber, President of the Economics Alumni Chapter; Professor Hashmat Khan; Dean André Plourde; President Alastair Summerlee and guest of honour Greg Ip, who earned a Combined Honours degree in economics and journalism from Carleton in 1989.

“Economics has been part of what I’ve written every day since I graduated from Carleton,” said Ip in an interview for FPA’s 75 for the 75th alumni project.”I felt well-equipped with a really good basic tool kit in both fields.”

In honour of his audience, Ip offered a few jokes at the expense of economists.

“Yoram Bauman, the standup economist, has this line: ‘You might be an economist if you refuse to sell your children because they’ll be worth more later,” said Ip.

He also mentioned his interviews with the renowned economist Milton Friedman, who would always call  collect: “Whether I was willing to accept the charges signaled to him whether this was worth his time.”

Previous guests of honour at the event included Timothy Lane, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada; Paul Jenkins, former Senior Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada; and Wayne Smith, former Chief Statistician of Canada.

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